Saturday 27th February, Start Time: 18:00; Official Season Opener 1300 Stock Cars Superstox Stock Rods CC Rods.
Ministox National Championship
Added Friday 5th February 2016
It is with deep regret that HRP/Spedeworth confirm that, in their infinite wisdom, the ORCi have reversed the decision to allocate the Ministox National Championship to HRP/Spedeworth.

A vote was taken in December to allocate 3 championships across 8 tracks which obviously does not work very well mathematically. A counter proposal was then issued which added a fourth championship to the rota in 2016 and the National Championship was confirmed by email as being allocated to HRP/Spedeworth for this year.

As this had not been voted on, despite the logic of the decision, Autospeed objected to the new rota which then led to discussions which have now seen this championship removed from the Keir Millar Memorial Meeting on May 7th. Those in favour of this decision include Crimond Raceway, Barford, RDC, GMP and Autospeed.

Needless to say we are disheartened and saddened by this decision in what one email describes as a purely political manoeuvre and it is hard to argue against that.

While recognising that, perhaps the way that the ORCI arrived at the decision to allocate the National Championship to HRP/Spedeworth may not have followed protocol, it was the RIGHT decision. Obviously some feel that politics and protocol are more important than logic and what is right for the formula and its drivers.

A sad day when a great group of youngsters have a championship removed from their home track in the name of politics and protocol particularly given the nature of the occasion of the event.

#TeamPurdie Event Information for Drivers and Team
Added Wednesday 3rd February 2016
HRP wish to inform drivers and spectators of some of the details relating to this weekend’s #TeamPurdie Event at HRP Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday February 6th at 1pm.

• The pit gate will be open from 9am to allow drivers and teams access to the pit area. Micro Banger transporters should park on the gravel area while other formulas should park as directed by HRP staff. There are a huge number of cars booked in so please ensure you park tightly and follow instructions from HRP staff at all time – A REMINDER THAT THERE IS NO SMOKING IN THE PITS.

• All Drivers MUST sign in before taking their car for its pre-race safety check and this check must be completed prior to taking part in practice.

• As this is an afternoon event, practice time is very limited and therefore ALL drivers will be permitted to take part in ONE practice session each. The times for these sessions are as follows:

 11:30-11:35 (1300 Stock Cars Session One).
 11:35-11:40 (1300 Stock Cars Session Two).
 11:40-11:45 (Ninja Karts Session One).
 11:45-11:50 (Ninja Karts Session Two).
 11:50-11:55 (Ninja Karts Session Three).
 11:55-12:00 (Ministox Session One).
 12:00-12:05 (Ministox Session Two).
 12:05-12:10 (Hot Rods Session One).
 12:10-12:15 (Hot Rods Session Two).
No other practice will be permitted outside of these times.

• ALL 1300 Stock Car Drivers are required to attend a MANDATORY drivers meeting at 12:00 in the HRP Meeting Room behind the Race Control Room.

• A drivers meeting for all other formulas (except Ninja Karts) will take place on the infield at 12:30.

• Ninja Karts – If the number of karts remains below 24 there will be no whites and yellows race -the first race will be heat one for all cars at 12:45. If we do exceed that number the whites and yellows race will start at 12:45 with heat one following immediately afterwards. The heat splits will be posted at the Pit Office and communicated as quickly as possible. Your drivers meeting will take place at 12:00 in the Ninja Kart Pits.

Superstox Drivers' Meeting
Added Tuesday 26th January 2016
Following a request from drivers, there will be a Superstox drivers’ meeting held at HRP Lochgelly Raceway on Wednesday February 3rd at 7pm. Due to HRP having no items for an agenda and driver representatives requesting this meeting; HRP request that drivers send agenda items to

Driver and Staff Meetings
Added Tuesday 26th January 2016
Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) wish to announce the dates and times for several drivers’ meetings:
Ministox Saturday January 30th 1pm
Ninja Karts Saturday January 30th 2:15pm
1300 Stock Cars Saturday January 30th 3:30pm

(All meetings will take place in the meeting room adjacent to race Control in the HRP Hub).

The staff meeting will take place at 5pm and all existing staff are invited plus anyone interested in joining the team.

HRP 2016 National Points News (Senior Formulas)
Added Tuesday 19th January 2016
Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) wish to announce the points cut off dates for all formulas and relevant championships (dates and venues in brackets). The date listed is the final points scoring meeting.


National Points Championship – August 13th.
World Championship (HRP Lochgelly Raceway August 27th & 28th) – August 13th.
European Championship (Ipswich May 14th) – April 30th.
British Championship (Tullyroan September 17th) – August 28th
National Championship (Ipswich July 2nd & 3rd) – June 18th.

1300 Stock Cars

National Points Championship – July 23rd.
World Championship (Adrian Flux Arena, Kings Lynn August 13th) – July 23rd.
European Championship (HRP Lochgelly Raceway June 11th & 12th) – May 28th.
British Championship (Ipswich July 2nd & 3rd) – June 12th.
National Championship (Nutts Corner October 8th) – September 17th.

2.0 Hot Rods

National Points Championship – June 12th.
World Championship (Ipswich July 2nd & 3rd) – June 12th.
European Championship (Aghadowey July 23rd & 24th) – July 3rd.
British Championship (HRP Lochgelly Raceway June 11th & 12th) – May 28th.
National Championship (Birmingham October 15th) – September 24th.

Stock Rods

National Points Championship – May 11th.
World Championship (Tipperary June 4th) – May 11th.
European Championship (Ipswich July 2nd & 3rd) – June 18th.
British Championship (Aghadowey August 20th) – August 7th.
National Championship (Hednesford August 6th & 7th) – July 23rd.

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