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February 28th - Track Schedule
Added Thursday 26th February 2015
HRP are delighted to announce the schedule for Saturday February 28th at HRP Lochgelly Raceway for the opening meeting of the 2015 Stock Car Season:

10:30am – Entrance to pits will be open.

11:00am – drivers signing in will open. Staff will be on site to deal with licence applications.

1pm - Open practice begins.

Only open to drivers racing that evening. HRP/Spedeworth registered drivers may practice during this time free of charge (all others £50). Drivers must be signed in and wrist-banded prior to taking part in practice.

Turnstiles will also open to paying spectators at 1pm. Please note no extra tickets can be purchased from drivers’ signing-in.

4pm – Open practice will finish.

4:30pm - Pre-meeting practice will begin (open to ALL cars racing that night). Drivers must be signed in and wrist-banded prior to taking part in practice.

5:15pm - Pre-meeting practice will finish.

5:20pm - MANDATORY drivers’ briefing (ALL FORMULAS) at Scrutineering Shed.

5:45pm - Minutes applause in memory of Steve Green Jr.

5:50pm - All Ministox to be lined up in holding area for heat one.

6pm – Racing commences.

HRP Lochgelly Raceway on BBC Alba
Added Thursday 26th February 2015
For those that remember some of our Ministox action bring filmed for BBC Alba last year, the programme will be broadcast tonight at 10pm on BBC Alba. Here is a little preview:

In further Ministox news, as some of you have noticed, the ORCi have decreed that a new restrictor plate is required for ALL cars. Please note that this rule doesn't come into effect until March 1st (after our first event).

These new plates can be purchased at drivers signing in this Saturday for the cost of £5.

2.0 Hot Rods & Superstox Tyre News
Added Tuesday 24th February 2015
HRP wish to confirm to drivers in the 2.0 Hot Rods and Superstox the procedure for logging your tyre sheets at meetings at HRP Lochgelly Raceway.

Drivers will be able to use ANY tyres they wish to do so during open practice from 1pm - 4pm.

Drivers should hand in their completed tyre sheet prior to taking part in pre-meeting practice.

If a driver has not handed in their tyre sheet prior to the start of heat one then they will not be able to participate in the race.

It is the drivers' responsibility to ensure that they have filled in their tyre sheets correctly. If tyres are found to have been logged incorrectly at any time during the meeting when random checks may be carried out. The driver in question will be loaded for the day and all points removed - without hesitation.

Driver Bookings Open
Added Tuesday 17th February 2015
A reminder that bookings are open for our opening event on February 28th. Please remember that you also have the option of sending just one email to book in for the FULL season (excluding International Championship events).

Drop us a line at to allow us to give our spectators an accurate picture of what should be a fantastic meeting. We know some promotions do not publish booking lists but we feel it is important to keep fans as informed as possible.

All FIVE formulas currently have visiting drivers booked in and it should be a great way to kick off the new season!!!!!

Saturday February 28th 6pm

1300 Stock Cars
Stock Rods
2.0 Hot Rods

It's gonna be good!!!!

Bookings can also be made by calling/texting 07944033645

Bangers - Going UP in the World at HRP Lochgelly R
Added Tuesday 17th February 2015
Following discussion with drivers at this past weekend’s National/Rookie Banger driver meeting; Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) are delighted to announce some exciting events for 2015!!!

While dates are yet to be confirmed; HRP are delighted to confirm that Bangers will be going up in the world in 2015 at HRP Lochgelly Raceway – LITERALLY!!!! We are now able to confirm that, in addition to the caravan race on July 11th, two further novelty events will be seen during the year.

The first of these is a RAMP RACE!!! A purpose-built ramp will cover the width of the track meaning that EVERY driver will take to the air as they challenge for the win. (Picture shows a ramp race being held at Skegness).

For those who think that isn’t quite high enough; HRP will also be running a RAMP ROLLOVER during 2015!!!

It is likely that the Ramp Races will be held for both Rookie Bangers and National Micro Bangers while cars will need to be purpose-built for the Ramp Rollover event.

Exciting times ahead for Bangers at HRP Lochgelly Raceway!!!

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