Harris at the Double!
Added Monday 18th June 2018

Following a late-night disco at the circuit the previous evening; HRP Lochgelly Raceway opened its doors this past Sunday morning as a huge number of spectators joined drivers and teams as they gathered at Scotland's premier stock car venue for the third stock car event in as many days in Fife.

Following Friday's excellent domestic session, it was the turn of the big boys (and girls) of the short oval world to show off as the mighty BriSCA F1 Stock Cars made only their third appearance at HRP Lochgelly Raceway as part of their biennial Scottish Weekend.

The Micro F2 Stock Cars made history as they contested their first meeting at the Lochgelly venue and a large number of cars arrived to do battle in six heats prior to the main meeting with Jolean Maynard and Charlie Hardie both claiming two wins each among those six races. David Philp Jr had claimed a heat earlier in the day and powered away to victory in the Grand Final before having to settle for second in the all-comers race behind car 306.

The Superstox made an appearance in support of the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars in a rare combination of formulas and it was great to see visiting interest from Lee Davison (Northern Ireland) and Richard Mead (England) while Sunday's event also saw the return of former multi-champion Stuart Gilchrist after a period of absence. Another driver making a return was Paul Dunn for his first appearance of 2018 and he streaked into an early lead in heat one from the white grade; but the man on the move from near the back of the grid was Gilchrist who enjoyed an electric start and managed to catch and pass Dunn to claim the lead before the halfway point in the race. Gilchrist motored away to an excellent win with Scottish Champion Bryan Forrest a distant second with National Points Champion David Frame finishing third. Heat Two saw Dunn lead briefly before Kenny McKenzie took over at the front but the blue-graded Aaron Riddell was on a tear and soon took up the running. Gilchrist had been slightly slower off the mark than the previous race but soon ate into Riddell's lead after catching and passing McKenzie. Riddell held on valiantly at the front until the closing stages of the race but had no answer for Gilchrist who took his second win of the day. The Grand Final saw McKenzie shoot straight into the lead and he looked pretty quick as he carved his way around the HRP Lochgelly Raceway circuit leading for around three quarters of the race before Gilchrist once again took up the running to claim his third win of the day showing absolutely no signs of ring-rust after his lay-off!!!

The National Ministox always travel in good numbers in support of the BriSCA F1 Scottish Weekend and this past weekend was no exception. Four races were the order of the day with two heats, a grand final and an all-comers race. The first heat saw Jake Woodhull make the early running before Tom Armstrong moved into the lead. Armstrong held on to the lead until National Champion Jack Witts moved ahead of him to take the first win of the day ahead of Tyrone and Lewis Evans. Woodhull led briefly in heat two before Josh Hamstead took up the mantle; but it was Tyrone Evans who powered through from the back of the pack to take the win after having to settle for second in heat one - Lewis Evans claimed second this time around while Witts took another podium finish with third place. The Grand Final was another excellent race from the youngsters and watching the likes of the Evans brothers and Witts scything their way through the field was truly a joy to behold. Woodhull and Sharlotte Lewis both led early on in the final before Hamstead powered past to make the running in the middle portion of the race. However, that man Witts was on another tear and hit the front at around half-distance before streaking away to his second win of the day with Lewis Evans and Hamstead completing the podium. The All-Comers Race saw Roger Stansfield hit the front after just a few laps and he held on all the way to the chequered flag to take an excellent win to round off a fantastic day of action in the National Ministox.

However, the reason that much of the large crowd were in attendance was the mighty BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. One of the top formulas of the short oval world only travel north of the border once every two years and they did so in force with well in excess of forty cars on hand to battle it out for World Championship Qualifying Points. The points accrued by drivers at the qualifying rounds will determine their position in the World Championship Semi-Final races later this season and every point is critical. The ground shook as the green flag fell on heat one as over twenty unlimited V8 engines roared into life. Craig Utley took up the lead within the first couple of laps and looked very comfortable at the front; but former multi-champion Tom Harris was the man on the move from the rear of the grid and he managed to pass Utley in the closing stages of the race to claim the win with Utley holding on for an excellent second and Norfolk's Mat Newson taking third. Heat Two saw the other half of the cars line up for their first attempt to qualify for the event's Grand Final with the likes of National Points Champion Stuart Smith and British Champion Frankie Wainman Jr looking to maintain their lofty positions in the world qualifying rankings. One of the most prominent lady racers on the short ovals, Jacklyn Ellis, hit the front of the pack early on in the race and drove a well-controlled race to remain there. However, Aaron Leach was reeling in Ellis and the two duked it out for the win in the closing stages with the cars crossing the line together with Ellis almost sideways as she won the duel for the race win to huge cheers from the crowd. Leach claimed second place while Wainman came through for third. The Consolation event would present drivers with their second (and final) chance to qualify for the main event of the day - the F1 Stock Cars Grand Final. Scotsman Ronald Ferguson led briefly in one of the Mat Newson hire cars before Tristan Jackson moved ahead to take up the lead. Another Scot had moved into second in the shape of Stuart Shevill Jr but unfortunately for the partisan fans in the crowd; Jackson was not to be beaten as he took the win ahead of Shevill and Chris Cowley in his stunning new car. So, with the finalists decided, all 32 cars rolled on to the track to take up their grid positions. The engines fell as a hush drew over the crowd before the words everyone was waiting to hear – "drivers, start your engines". All 32 Chevrolet V8 engines roared into life as the pace car slowly moved away and the grid made for an incredible sight of size and colour before the noise level rose as the green flag fell on the most important race of the day. Heat Two winner Ellis was driving fantastically as she hit the front in the feature event and she held on to that lead until Chris Cowley arrived to relegate Ellis to second before a spin unfortunately saw her hopes evaporate. While all this was happening, Tom Harris had made his way ruthlessly through the pack to claim second as he tracked Cowley's every move before making the decisive manoeuvre of the race as he took over at the front. Cowley was unable to latch on to the rear bumper of the Harris car as the Oxfordshire driver powered away to take a heat and final double with Cowley coming home in second while home pride was maintained by Stuart Shevill Jr who took third spot. The last race of the day was the Grand National heat which saw Harris start from a lap handicap. Ellis enjoyed another spell in the lead before Gloucestershire's Neil Scriven (possibly the further travelled driver) took up the running and claimed his first win of the day while Chris Cowley enjoyed another podium finish in second with Ellis completing an excellent day for herself with third to bring an end to a fantastic weekend and a brilliant day of action at HRP Lochgelly Raceway.

The next slice of stock car action at HRP Lochgelly Raceway comes your way this Saturday June 23rd and features Superstox, 2.0 Hot Rods, Stock Rods, Ministox and Ninja Karts with the first race taking the green flag at 5:30pm.


HRP June 15th - A Report
Added Saturday 16th June 2018

A stormy afternoon gave way to a relatively warm evening with some drizzle as HRP Lochgelly Raceway opened its gates for another fun-tastic Friday night of stock car racing action. Four cracking formulas were on the bill and it was a busy night with twelve races scheduled.

The 2.0 Hot Rods were first on track and the battle for the silver roof was at the forefront of most spectator's minds as William Hardie and defending points champion Gordon Alexander continued their two-way battle for supremacy. Hardie led as the drivers went into this event and both (as championship holders) would start from the rear of the grid. A double-figure entry arrived to do battle with no surprises in the pits and it was Ryan Adamson and Colin Seath who led the way at the start of heat one. With Ryan Mackie missing the race, the pursuit of the white tops was led by Gerry Hendry from the blue grade and Hendry managed to catch and pass the flying whites to claim the win ahead of a rapid Billy Bonnar and Hardie. The second heat followed a similar pattern to the first as the blues and reds made their way through the pack; but Bonnar kept Hendry far closer this time round and was able to take the win with Hendry's car failing to go the distance. Hendry did not make it back out for the final; but Colin Seath made the most of it as he streaked into a huge lead before the flying Bonnar arrived on the scene to claim his second win of the night with Hardie and Jock Campbell completing the podium.

The CC Rods arrived in brilliant numbers with an entry in the twenties including the first Northern Irishman to compete in the formula in former ProStocks star Del McLaughlin while former Stock Rod regular Brian Wilson had a run in the Ian Walle Jr machine. Wilson was certainly looking very racy indeed and took a relatively easy win from the front of the yellow grade to take victory in heat one. Wilson would have a bit more work to do in heat two but managed to get himself to the front of the pack when it counted most, however, the steward docked Wilson for contact which elevated Lee Scott to the win. It looked like a two-horse race for the feature final but Emma Kirk had other ideas as she put on a great display as she contested the win with Wilson and Scott; but it was Wilson that came through after a protracted race with a number of incidents to take the win with Scott and Kirk completing the podium after an interesting (if not slightly controversial) evening of CC Rod action.

The ProStocks were next on track and a very impressive 19 cars had arrived for the evening's action. A healthy number of white tops at the front of the grid gave the star drivers something to think about but Paul Barron made short work of both heats as he took the two wins. A number of cars had fallen by the wayside as the evening wore on with a number of drivers pushing the boundaries of what is permitted in the formula and that all came to a head in the feature final. After a number of incidents, only a few cars remained running and on the final restart it all kicked off as several drivers decided to take the rules into their own hands resulting in the early declaration of the race which gave Barron his third won of the night as he looks to reclaim the points lead from Ian Christie.

The 1300 Stock Cars were the final formula on show and it was great to see Craig Oliver and recent Ministox graduate Danny Whyte amongst the debutants while former National points Champion Zak Gilmour made his return to the formula with current Points Champion Euan Mathieson also having another run. It was great to see Paul Ford out on track too with the black and white chequered roof after his ASD Welding Services British Championship victory last week too. Whyte made the early running in heat one as he took full advantage of starting at the front of a grid for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately for Whyte, the race came under caution which put the pack on his back bumper and Andrew Mathieson was the one to put this to best use as he overhauled Whyte to take the win. Whyte made no mistakes in heat two as he romped home to his maiden victory in the formula with Andrew Mathieson not too far behind – Whyte will definitely be one to watch! The feature final was run in dusk as the evening wore on and the stars were in no mood to let Whyte make it a double as Andrew Mathieson, Zak Gilmour and Paul Ford all passed the youngster to claim the top three places with Whyte holding on for an excellent fourth to complete a very successful night for the youngster.

Our next meeting at HRP Lochgelly Raceway is THIS SUNDAY and features the return of the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars from 1pm.


HRP June Speed Weekend - A Report
Added Monday 11th June 2018
A glorious summer evening greeted drivers, teams and fans gathered in large numbers for the second of four Speed Weekends at Scotland's premier stock car venue - HRP Lochgelly Raceway. There were some major international championship implications for some of the formulas with the Stock Rods and 1300 Stock Cars contesting their European and British Championships respectively.

However, the first formula on track for the weekend were the Rebel Racers. The Rebels are now firmly established as a feature of the HRP Lochgelly Raceway June Speed Weekend and, as always, all of their heats during the weekend would contribute to the grid for the Scottish Championship Final which would be their last race of the weekend. For the vast majority of the Rebel Racers, it is a long journey north from their English bases; but they received the usual warm welcome from those on the terraces. The first heat saw sixteen cars take to the track including Scotsman Paul Winfield in a hire car. Defending Scottish Champion Rob Jones got the defence of his title off to the best possible start as he claimed the win in heat one after the pack caught and passed Winfield who had led the early stages of the race. Following heat one; the rest of the events for the Rebel Racers became the Tom Dayman show as the 2017 European Champion claimed wins in heats two, three, four and five to secure pole position for the Scottish Championship race. After an early challenge from British Champion Paul Tagg; Dayman managed to pull away to take a faultless win ahead of Tagg and third-placed Keith Murphy. Dayman celebrated in fine style with a series of donuts to round off a highly entertaining weekend of Rebel racing action - more of the same please in 2019!

The 1300 Stock Cars have produced some excellent action so far in 2018 and, with the top drivers from all over the UK in attendance, much was expected from the ASD Welding Services British Championship weekend with Will Morphey defending his title. The British Championship would be the first race of the weekend and almost thirty cars took to the track with pole-sitter Craig McComb suffering problems before the green flag with World Champion Ian Beaumont also suffering issues but managing to make the grid in the nick of time. A good number of Scots had drawn favourable positions and hopes were high for a home win with the likes of Dean McGill on grid 2, Scottish Champion Billy Wilson on grid three and a very on-form Paul Ford on grid 5. As the green flag fell, McGill shot into the lead as those behind him battled for position. This allowed McGill to get away as the bumpers were used further back in the pack and it could be argued that he coasted to victory as he crossed the line well ahead of Paul Ford and European Champion George Morphey. However, McGill's delight was short-lived as post-race checks on the Sunday evening found irregularities with his car which removed him from the result thereby elevating Paul Ford to 1300 Stock Car British Champion for 2018!!! The other two races on the Saturday evening saw some tremendous action with plenty of bumper-work being dished out as Andrew Mathieson took heat one and Englishman Tommy Aylward heat two which also doubled as a round for the Bill Auld Fabrications Trophy Series. Sunday's action for the 1300 Stock Cars began with their Scottish Open Championship with a grid in the mid to high twenties back out for more! A great battle ensued between Tommy Aylward and World Champion Ian Beaumont after Dean McGill had eliminated Will Morphey from a lap down only to be fired into the fence in no uncertain terms by Luke Morphey on the next turn! Beaumont made the decisive move in the latter stages of the race to take the title ahead of Aylward and Scottish National Points Champion Euan Mathieson. The last two races of the day were both won by recent Ministox graduate Charlie Morphey but that doesn't tell half the story with incredible action throughout as the likes of the Morpheys and the Mathiesons got up close and personal with each other! Some brilliant racing from the 1300 Stock Cars which bodes well for the second half of the season with more cars joining the grid imminently.

The Stock Rods were also in major championship action as they arrived to do battle for the Pets2Go2 and Lee Smart Racing European Championship with Chris Lattka defending his title on home turf. Two reverse grid heats would determine the grid for the big race with former multi-champion Dean O'Dell looking very quick in taking the win in heat one with Scotland's Doug McLean managing to stay ahead of the pack in heat two for an excellent win. Defending champion Lattka had a bad start to the defence of his title when his prop-shaft failed resulting in a DNF before a lowly 12th in heat two saw him starting the final near the back. The front row was comprised of the two heat winners in O'Dell and McLean and O'Dell shot straight into the lead from pole position with McLean giving chase. O'Dell continued to power away from his closest rivals as McLean came under pressure from the likes of National Champion Siobhan Martin and former English Champion Jack Grandon. McLean held on as a line of cars formed behind him waiting for one slight error; but it never came as McLean held on to take a distant second with O’Dell around half a lap ahead of the rest at the chequered flag with James Morris claiming an excellent third place following dockings for Grandon and Martin. O'Dell drove a faultless race to take the title at a track that must surely rank among his favourites given his level of success at HRP Lochgelly Raceway.

The support formula for the Saturday night saw the Classic Hot Rods in action. Former 2.0 Hot Rod star Alex Wilson suffered diff issues in practice and failed to make the heats which were won by Jock Campbell (For Escort Mk2) and Marc Spence (Talbot Sunbeam). Wilson miraculously made it out for the feature final; but his car failed to go the distance as Spence claimed his second win of the night ahead of Campbell and Brett Sneddon. The Ministox provided the support on the Sunday as they contested their Fife Championship with Aaron Richards making the long trip north of the border once again to race at HRP Lochgelly Raceway after a hat-trick of wins at the Fife venue just 9 days earlier. Richards continued his winning ways as he took heat on before having to settle for second behind Lewis Burgoyne in heat two. The two heat winners locked out the front row for the Fife Championship final and Richards took full advantage of his pole position to take the Fife Championship back to Shropshire with Michael Mitchell and Sean Naismith completing the podium. Two excellent days of racing were enjoyed by all and huge credit must go to the track staff who kept things moving in an efficient manner.

This coming week at HRP Lochgelly Raceway is unique as it sees two events in three days with a domestic meeting this Friday June 15th featuring 1300 Stock Cars, 2.0 Hot Rods, ProStocks and CC Rods from 7pm.

The second event promises to be unmissable as Sunday June 17th sees the mighty BriSCA F1 Stock Cars back in action at Scotland's premier stock car venue with the National Ministox, Superstox and Micro F2 Stock Cars providing the support.

An unmissable weekend once again at HRP Lochgelly Raceway!!!


HRP June 1st - A Report
Added Monday 4th June 2018

After heavy rain was threatened during the day, a couple of small showers were all that greeted drivers, teams and fans as they gathered at HRP Lochgelly Raceway this past Friday night for the latest slice of stock car action presented by Hardie Race Promotions.

Four great formulas were on the bill with a punchy show delivering twelve races in around two and a half hours!
First on track were the 2.0 Hot Rods with Colin Seath and Ryan Adamson returning to action in the white grade while European, National and British Champion William Hardie returned after overseeing son Charlie's victory in the Ninja Karts National Championship last weekend. Heat One got underway with Seath and Adamson battling for the lead before Adamson dropped back. As Seath continued to lead past the halfway point; it was clear that a flying Jim Pitcaithly was catching the Seath machine and duly passed him with around 8 laps to go to complete his first victory in the formula. Colin Seath led from the beginning of heat two but it was that man Pitcaithly, his engine troubles appearing to be a thing of the past, who surged ahead to take his second race win in the formula. Many on the terraces would have been discussing the possibility of a Pitcaithly hat-trick but, unfortunately, those engine gremlins raised their heads once more and Pitcaithly did not grid for the feature final. Seath and Adamson swapped first and second place between them during the early laps; but a rapid Billy Bonnar had brought his car into contention in the very early stages of the race and took the lead before the halfway point of the 25-lap race. Bonnar held on to the lead all the way to the chequered flag with Gerry Hendry and William Hardie completing the podium after a night of close action in the 2.0 Hot Rods.

The Superstox were next on track and it was good to see Mark Brady back out after his car took some damage last time out while Trevor Harris also made his 2018 debut. Raffaele Donofrio led the early stages of the race before an arguably under-graded Kenny McKenzie took over at the front after starting the yellow grade. Kenny has one of the quickest cars on track but has not had the results he would have desired of late; but he began the process of putting that to rights as he held on to take an excellent and morale-boosting win ahead of Zak Gilmour and Scottish Champion Bryan Forrest. Mark Brady quickly overhauled Donofrio for the lead of heat two and held that lead for the majority of the race but Forrest was on a tear through the pack and the Scottish Champion took the lead with just two laps to go to take the win with Brady in second and Gilmour posting another podium finish as he continues to improve in the formula. The feature final was another excellent race with the Superstox continuing their great form of 2018. In terms of leaders, Donofrio was quickly overtaken by Brady once again and the yellow top continued in the lead for the majority of the 25-lap feature; but it was that man Forrest who arrived on the scene in the closing stages to deny Brady a victory as he relegated Brady to second once more with Aaron Riddell claiming third spot.

The ProStocks have had a busy time of late and it is full credit to those drivers and teams that gridded this past Friday for another evening of mayhem! Darren Rae made most of the running in heat one but National points Champion Paul Barron has been on somewhat of a tear lately and continued that streak as he passed Rae to take the first heat of the night. Grumm Fleming briefly led heat two before Rae took up the running but Barron had sliced his way through the field quickly and took up the running on lap 6 to complete a comprehensive victory. Barron duly completed his hat-trick in the feature final after taking the lead from Grumm Fleming before the halfway stage of the race with current National Points leader Ian Christie coming home in second and recent final winner Andrew Webster third.

The final formula on show had a busy three days ahead of them as the Ministox took to the track for the first of three meetings in three days in Scotland. A good number of English visitors had made the trip including multi-champion Charlie Santry from Cambridgeshire, Aaron Richards from the Midlands plus a plethora of West Country visitors including Warren Darby, Danny Elbourn, Charlie Lobb, Owen Robbins and Gemma Robbins. When the English have visited in the past, they have shown their liking for the HRP circuit and heat one was no different as Aaron Richards took the first race of the night after Kai Gilmour and Owen Robbins had led the early stages of the race with Charlie Santry completing an English one-two while Ciaran Adams was the first of the home drivers in third. Heat Two was another fantastic race as HRP Lochgelly Raceway often shows the Ministox at their very best but it was that man Richards who took his second win of the night as part of an all-English podium with Santry again in second and Danny Elbourn in third. The feature final for the Ministox was the last race of the evening and the youngsters lived up to that headlining role as they delivered another awesome race. 2018 Rookie Kai Gilmour led the early laps once again; but Owen Robbins took over at the front in short order. However, Robbins' lead only lasted three laps as that man Richards stormed through to take the lead and hold on until the chequered flag to take a fantastic hat-trick of wins with Owen Robbins taking an excellent second place ahead of Charlie Santry to round off a great night of action.


This weekend sees HRP Lochgelly Raceway host its second Speed Weekend of the season and what a weekend it promises to be as some major championships and top-name drivers descend on HRP Lochgelly Raceway for two amazing days of racing.

Saturday June 9th sees the Stock Rods contesting their European Championship with HRP's own Chris Lattka defending the title he won a year ago at Ipswich.

The 1300 Stock Cars benefit from extra support from ASD Welding Services as Will Morphey defends his British title with the home drivers looking to break the English stranglehold on major races at Scotland's premier stock car venue. The Rebel Racers will be in Scottish Championship qualifying action while the Classic Hot Rods complete a great-looking line-up for this Saturday from 5pm.

Sunday June 10th sees the 1300 Stock Cars battling for the ASD Welding Services Open Scottish Championship while the Stock Rods will also compete for their version of that coveted title. The Rebels will conclude their Scottish Championship with Rob Jones looking to hold on to his title while the Ministox will be back at HRP for their Fife Championship with the action getting underway at 1pm.

It promises to be a cracker this weekend at HRP Lochgelly Raceway!!!


Added Thursday 31st May 2018

The 1300 Stock Car Association have been reviewing lots of comments about the new car of 64 Mark Whybra which was debuted at Ipswich on Monday.

1300 SCA officials went through the car very thoroughly and as the rules stand at the moment it is legal to them.

However, following a meeting of the association it is not felt that this car is the way we want to see the formula develop. 1300 Stock Cars are currently booming within the 1300 SCA tracks as a whole with some circuits reporting record turnouts and we want to see that trend continue.

Whilst drivers may want to copy what Mark has done for 2018, the association wants to make drivers aware in advance that there will be rules put in place which will make this car illegal in 2019 so anyone building a car doing what he has done will not get much use out of this. Mark is fully aware of the association's stand on this.

Rule changes for 2019 will include a minimum height of what the iron will be allowed to be and also a maximum width that a car can be. These rule changes will enable the formula to stay where it currently is as the 1300 SCA do not believe the formula needs advancing technically at the moment.

The association has made the unusual stance of making this statement about its intended rule changes early as we do not want to see more cars built like this throughout 2018 for their owners to find in the winter that they will be illegal. We feel it is better to let drivers know what we are intending to do and if they decide to build a car like Mark's they will be doing so in the knowledge that it will be illegal for 2019.

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Saturday 23rd June 2018, 5.30pm

2.0 Hot Rods
Stock Rods
Ninja Karts

Saturday 30th June 2018, 5.30pm

SPECIAL EVENT - Caravan Carnage 2018!!!

Caravan Demolition Derby
Back to Basics Bangers
1300 Stock Cars (MR Coachworks & Ringtone Racepaints Series Rd 3)
CC Rods
Junior Productions

Saturday 21st July 2018, 5.30pm

Superstox (Thomas Michie Memorial Trophy)
National Hot Rods
Stock Rods
CC Rods

Saturday 28th July 2018, 5.00pm


Rookie Banger Scottish Championship
1300 Stock Cars (MR Coachworks & Ringtone Racepaints Series Rd 4)
Junior Productions
Ninja Karts