Friday 24th October, Start Time: 19:00; 1300 Stock Cars Stock Rods CC Rods Ministox .
Mr Gunn Trophy - 1300 Stock Cars
Added Tuesday 21st October 2014
It's a quick turnaround at HRP Lochgelly Raceway this week as we present our final Friday nights Under the Lights event of 2014 THIS FRIDAY October 24th from 7pm.

The CC Rods, Ministox and Stock Rods will be in action but it is the inaugural running of the Mr Gunn Trophy in the 1300 Stock Cars that has captured the imagination and headlines the event.

As previously announced, grade awards and an enhanced prize fund have been donated and HRP are delighted to announce the details of these:


There will be grade awards for White, Yellow, Blue and Red/Superstar drivers. Each of these four awards is £30 and will be given to the highest placed finisher in each of these grades OUTSIDE of the top three in the Mr Gunn Trophy Race which will be the meeting final.

Mr Gunn Trophy Final

As well as a stunning shield for the winner to keep for twelve months; there will be a seriously enhanced prize fund available for this race which will break down as follows:

1st Place £150
2nd Place £80
3rd Place £50
4th Place £18
5th Place £14
6th Place £12

The Gunn family would like to extend their thanks to the following people for their generous donations:

The Taxi Centre (01333 300 300)
Hair by Claire
The Goodall family
Big Jock

HRP are proud to be hosting this event and would like to extend our thanks to those who have donated to this amazing prize fund! We would also like to thank Mr Gunn and his family for their donations, faith and for trusting us with this important event.

Statement from HRP
Added Thursday 16th October 2014
Hardie Race Promotions (in Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) would like to make the following statement:

HRP would like to thank all of you; our drivers, teams, fans and dedicated staff for your enthusiasm and passionate support during the past two season of racing under the HRP banner. For the past two years HRP have promoted events at HRP Lochgelly Raceway; we have invested heavily in improving facilities for drivers, teams and fans and we feel justifiably proud of our track and the people who attend our events. Numbers in all formulas have steadily increased and average attendances have bucked the national trend as they have also increased.

We at HRP see ourselves as custodians of the sport, helping to ensure it has a healthy future so it can be enjoyed for generations to come and we have done as much as we can in terms of changing race dates, encouraging visiting formulas and attempting to cooperate with all stakeholders to try and facilitate this. We believe that this has not gone unnoticed by the people that matter – YOU - our drivers, teams, staff and fans.

We believe strongly in our driver base, our range of formulas, our staff and the incredibly loyal Scottish Stock Car fans. From Ninja Karts to National Hot Rods; you have all provided some incredible racing in the past two years and we see no reason why this cannot continue and, indeed, be improved upon with everyone pulling in the same direction.

Following GMP’s decision to split the highly successful Stock Rod formula in Scotland it is clear that we are now at a pivotal moment in the timeline of Scottish Stock Car racing and HRP are determined to do whatever it takes to preserve the sport for the future.

To that end, and after a great deal of consultation and consideration, Hardie Race Promotions (in Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) have taken the decision to change our regular race day from Sunday afternoons to SATURDAY EVENINGS.

HRP fully understand that this change may cause some upset or distress and we apologise to any individuals for any inconvenience this may cause but it has become clear that the majority of those who have voiced their opinion are in favour of this change and supportive of HRP’s attempts to maintain and improve the reputation of stock car racing in Scotland. We are delighted and honoured by the many messages of support that we have received and we hope that we can count on many of you to support us as we continue to take the sport forward rather than holding it back.

For two generations of race-goers; Saturday night has been race day and HRP want to ensure that this continues to be the case in the long term.

From the start of the 2015 season, Saturday night at 6pm will be our regular time slot and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to Scotland’s most-modern and friendliest short oval motorsports facility.

So, what does this mean for spectators?

Scottish Stock Car fans – a more passionate and enthusiastic group of people would be hard to find. Week in, week out you hand over your hard-earned money to be entertained and we feel equally passionate about delivering for you all. We do understand that changing our race day may cause some of you some upset and we apologise for this but we believe strongly that this move is right for the long term future of the sport in our country. We believe that our range of formulas, our presentation and our facilities are second to none and we hope that we can rely on your support. HRP are delighted to confirm that there will be NO INCREASE IN DOMESTIC ADMISSION PRICES in 2015.

So, what does this change mean for our formulas?

National Hot Rods – The National Hot Rods remain the ultimate non-contact formula on the short ovals of the UK and HRP have recently taken a more pro-active role in the formula. With the recent decision by the NHRPA to reduce the number of World Qualifying Rounds from 14 to 12; Scotland will also see the same reduction meaning that there will be five WQRs between the start of season 2015 and the World Championship. The big news is that HRP are delighted to announce that, for the third year in succession, the European Championship will be contested at HRP Lochgelly Raceway giving Scottish fans a unique opportunity to see some of the biggest names in oval racing on their doorsteps!

2.0 Hot Rods – A formula that is now starting to see a steady increase in its driver base, the 2.0 Hot Rods are a fundamental part of the fixture list here at HRP Lochgelly Raceway and will continue to remain so. For 2015, a number of selected events at other tracks/promotions will carry National Points and these will be confirmed in due course to allow drivers to make plans. HRP are delighted to announce that the 2015 World Championship for 2.0 Hot Rods will be held at HRP Lochgelly Raceway!

Stock Rods – The subject of much discussion in recent weeks. HRP wish to allay the concerns of Scottish Stock Rod drivers by confirming that very little, if anything, will change with your formula. Furthermore, a new national points chart will be compiled and published regularly. This chart will be used to determine qualifiers for major events and, as with other major HRP formulas, this will run from World Final to World Final meaning that points accrued at other promotions from June 2014 will be included – this chart will be released as soon as possible and all points gained at HRP Lochgelly Raceway and SELECTED events in 2015 will count. The venue for the 2015 Stock Rod World Final has already been confirmed as HRP Lochgelly Raceway and we look forward to seeing as many of you on track as possible. As we expect grids to be larger, from the beginning of 2015 onwards; heats will be contested over 20 laps and finals over 25 laps.

You will still be able to race at tracks such as Ipswich, Hednesford, Birmingham, Northampton, Yarmouth, Eastbourne, Wimbledon, Aldershot, Tullyroan and Aghadowey Ovals.

Lightning Rods – GMP’s decision to split the Stock Rods in Scotland also means that Lightning Rods now come under the exclusive auspices of HRP and we are delighted to welcome the formula to the HRP fold for 2015. As with the Stock Rods, a new points chart will be compiled and utilised for championship qualification and grading purposes. We are also delighted to confirm that HRP Lochgelly Raceway will host a championship weekend for the formula in 2015.

You will still be able to race at tracks such as Ipswich, Hednesford, Birmingham, Northampton, Yarmouth, Eastbourne, Wimbledon, Aldershot, Tullyroan and Aghadowey Ovals.

CC Rods – A formula inherited from the previous owners of the circuit, CC Rods provide a unique opportunity for those on a limited budget to begin their racing career. We are proud of the formula, we have seen several drivers move on to more senior classes as a result of the experience and enthusiasm gained in the CC Rods. The CC Rods will remain part of the HRP fixture list in 2015 and beyond and we are also in discussions at the moment with another promotion about the possibility of merging the CC Rods with another non-contact class to provide our drivers with the opportunity to enjoy an away day.

Superstox – The Superstox have seen a steady growth in driver numbers and an influx of drivers is expected for the start of 2015. It is clear that the relative expense of the formula compared to other similar classes appeals to many drivers and no doubt the action will be even better with a few more cars on the track next year! Superstox are one of HRP’s most important formulas and will remain so in the future. We are delighted to announce that HRP Lochgelly Raceway will be hosting the British Championship in 2015.

1300 Stock Cars - Scotland’s top stock car formula in terms of car numbers and action; the 1300 Stock cars have been simply sensational this year! With attendances regularly in the mid to high twenties; the 1300 Stock Cars have quickly become a fan favourite and one formula no to be missed! We are able to confirm that HRP Lochgelly Raceway will play host to a championship event for the 1300 Stock Cars in 2015 – which one is still to be confirmed.

ProStocks – The ProStocks continue to generate an atmosphere like few other formulas and the recent World Cup event was testament to that. Despite reports elsewhere suggesting that a mere 18 cars had attended the event when in reality there were 24; numbers in the ProStocks in Scotland have been down of late and HRP will be looking to work with the drivers to encourage more cars on track in 2015.

Bangers – A more polarizing formula in Scotland than Bangers would be hard to find! Love them or hate them; it is hard to argue that, when they are on form, the Bangers provide fantastic entertainment. One look at the size of the crowd and the reactions on the terraces at the recent National Micro Banger World Cup when 58 cars took to the track at the same time or the 47 car all-in Rookie Banger Scottish Championship show that there is still an enthusiasm on both sides of the fence for Banger racing in Scotland. HRP have been fully supportive of Banger racing in Scotland for the past two years as we look to build the scene back up to former glories - we will continue to work with our drivers to provide a range of Banger events that will be keenly supported and contested. Furthermore, we are also looking into the possibility of running a round of the highly successful Banger World Series in Scotland for the first time ever!

Ministox – For many years now, the Ministox have provided the perfect training ground for youngsters cutting their teeth on the short ovals and HRP are delighted to continue to support the formula and its drivers. The formula has been a lynchpin of our endeavours at HRP Lochgelly Raceway and will remain so as we go forward.

Ninja Karts – Scotland’s premier formula for the under-11s; the Ninja Karts have been simply sensational since their introduction two years ago and have grown into a very popular formula on both sides of the fence. We feel that the introduction of the Whites & Yellows race has been a valuable addition; we are proud of our Ninja Kart drivers and teams and the great atmosphere among them and we will do all we can as a promotion to see the formula continue to thrive.

PRACTICE (ALL FORMULAS) – As gesture of our support and faith in our formulas; Stock Car practice will remain FREE to all HRP-registered drivers (and Scottish Series NHRPA drivers) in 2015. Practice dates will be announced on our website and Facebook page with as much notice as possible.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of Scottish Stock car Racing and HRP are determined to ensure that the sport MAKES history rather than becoming a part of it! We would like to thank you all for your support and we hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday nights at HRP Lochgelly Raceway in 2015!

A Message from HRP to All
Added Monday 13th October 2014
There has been a number of rumours and counter-rumours following recent events with regards to Hardie Race Promotion’s future plans.

We have always taken pride in being approachable and willing to listen to the opinions of all those who have a stake in what we do and that is why I am writing this message to all of you.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of HRP over the last two seasons – HRP would not have been as successful as it has been so far without all of you. From Ninja Karts to National Hot Rods, you have all been extremely supportive and I believe this shows in the quality of racing that we see on a regular basis at HRP Lochgelly Raceway. It is truly a team effort and we all have to be pulling in the same direction as promoters, drivers and crews, fans and staff.

Following recent events; HRP are now considering changing our main race day from Sunday afternoons to Saturday evenings and we would like to know your thoughts about this POTENTIAL change. Please reply via email with the following information:

• Name and status (driver, sponsor, fan etc).
• Whether you would be able and willing to attend Saturday night events at HRP Lochgelly Raceway.

On behalf of the entire management team here at HRP, thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to seeing your thoughts. Thank you once again for your support.

Please send all responses to

Practice News
Added Monday 13th October 2014
Stock car practice will be available this Saturday October 18th from 1pm - 4pm.

Mr Gunn Trophy - 1300 Stock Cars
Added Saturday 11th October 2014
There are a number of names synonymous with stock car racing in Scotland and one such name is Gunn.

Mr Gunn regularly attends events at HRP Lochgelly Raceway with son Davy and will be a familiar sight to many in stock car circles.

Mr Gunn has generously donated a stunning shield that will be presented to the winner of the 1300 Stock Car Final on Friday October 24th. The 'Mr Gunn Trophy' will then become an annual event and we hope to see a number of visiting drivers for this event.

The Mr Gunn Trophy race will benefit from an enhanced prize fund as well as grade awards - more information to follow!!!

The first visitor has already confirmed their booking and we are delighted to announce that 1300 Stock Car World Champion Adam O'Dell will be in attendance challenging for the Mr Gunn Trophy!

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