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Coupe Car Event 2

Added Tuesday 14th May 2019
Following on from driver feedback, we have taken the decision to remove the Rookie Bangers from the fixture on 20th July.

We have replaced them with Under 3.0 National Bangers [TBC] and have added an additional £500 prize fund should we get in excess of 20 cars on the night.

ADDITIONALLY, after being inundated with requests, we have agreed to run a 2nd coupe car event on this date. This time however, we'll be looking to raise money for charity, with the first being FORDS Care and Forth 1 Radio Forth Cash for Kids charity. To raise as much money as we can, we have decided to add a £5 entry fee for the coupe car teams; You can pay this in advance via our website,

View a video of coupe car races -…/vb.22846776061…/375815853275302/…

An additional thank you to Dean McGill who is going to supply medals for the kids

Keir Millar Memorial

Added Monday 13th May 2019
We can't thank the drivers and race teams enough for turning out in force, putting on an excellent show.

From the push car parade and races, you just knew it was going to be a night to remember and we are thankful that there were so many of you there to celebrate the occasion.

We'd like to thank those that helped out in any small way to support the meeting;

- Keir's parents and family
- Laura, Nicola and the rest of the Ministox Disco Team for the effort they put in into organising the Ministox races and grid
- Emma Bruce for assisting in the supply of goodie bags for the Ninja Karts
- Dean McGill (D. McGill Electrical) for supplying medals for the coupe car teams

Finally, congratulations to Aaron Richards on winning the Keir Millar Memorial in the Ministox.

ATP / JP 2.0 Hot Rod European Championship

Added Wednesday 1st May 2019

Hardie Race Promotions in association with Spedeworth Motorsports have worked endlessly over the last 7 years to improve the sport and establish mainstream coverage both here in Scotland and throughout the UK and Ireland.

Hardie Race Promotions, in association with Spedeworth Motorsports, in partnership with ATP (Scott Lea) and JP Fabrications (Jim Pitcaithly), are proud to be taking our sport forward, and as part of always endeavoring to improve the sport, we look to form partnerships with various parties, and are proud to see this come to fruition with the supply of a guest car for the 2.0 Hot Rod European Championship. With that in mind, it is with great privilege that we are able to confirm that Laser Tools BTCC driver Aiden Moffat Racing (Aiden Moffat) will be participating in the 2019 2.0 Hot Rod European Championship at Lochgelly Raceway on the 8th and 9th of June 2019, in a high specification race car supplied by ATP in partnership with JP Fabrications, with alloy parts being provided by ASD Welding Services Ltd.

Hardie Race Promotions would like to thank Spedeworth Motorsports for both allowing us to host a large number of major championships throughout the year, and for allowing Aiden to participate in the European Championship.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Scott Lea at ATP who has supplied the car for Aiden to race in, with work being done on the car by JP Fabrications to ensure it is competitive. ATP and JP Fabrications are also confirmed as the 2.0 Hot Rod European Championship Sponsor, with ASD Welding sponsoring the 2.0 Hot Rod Open Scottish Championship on the Sunday afternoon.

Don't forget to join us at Lochgelly Raceway on the 8th and 9th June in our European Championship Triple Crown!!

1300 Stock Car Rule Update

Added Friday 26th April 2019

1300 Stock Car Rules - Update

ALL cars racing this year must have the front part of the rear wheel arch in place, if removed they must be made of steel. No plastic or aluminium.

Outer sills maybe replaced with Tin but part of the original sill with the drop-down lip must still be in place, the guts in between inner and outer sill may be removed this is mainly on a Tigra ‘B’ where there is possibly 30-40kg of weight.

Cars that haven’t got inner sills must have them replaced by the 1st of January 2020.

The ‘A’ pillar can only be cut a maximum of roughly 1” above the top wing iron & roughly 1” below the bottom door iron and the rest must stay in. If the ‘A’ pillar is removed this must be back in place for the 1st January 2020.

Rules for 2020, any car that hasn’t raced before this date must have the original rear-wheel arches in from the centre line forward, the boot floor maybe cut out, the reason for this is where we are making them put the floor in then remove a 3rd of it for the fuel tank.

New cars that come out from the 1st January 2020 and not to these rules will not be able to replace the inner sills, rear-wheel arches and ‘A’ pillars. They will not be allowed to race the car at any of the associated tracks.

Advance Tickets Availble

Added Sunday 21st April 2019
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to announce that advance discount tickets will now available for selected events throughout the 2019 season.

This follows on from a number of requests by our customers throughout the last year and beyond.

The first meeting that will see advance tickets available is Saturday 11th May 2019, our Keir Millar Memorial Meeting.

On the gate prices for this event will be -
Adults - £12
Concesssions - £7
12-15 - £5
Under 12s FREE.

Concessions and Adults can SAVE money by purchasing tickets in advance via our new online shop, found under the HRP+ menu on our website.

Advance tickets will be available only at selected special events throughout the season and can only be purchased online in advance of the meeting. Advance tickets will go off sale between 7 and 10 days prior to the actual event taking place.

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Friday 31st May 2019, 7.00pm

Friday Night Event

Stock Rods

Saturday 8th June 2019, 5.00pm

CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT - European Championship Triple Crown Weekend Day One

1300 Stock Car European Championship
2.0 Hot Rods European Championship
Rebels European Championship

Sunday 9th June 2019, 1.00pm

CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT - European Championship Triple Crown Weekend Day Two

1300 Stock Cars Open Scottish Championship
2.0 Hot Rods Open Scottish Championship
Rebels Open Scottish Championship
2L National Bangers – HRP Points Round 2
Junior Productions

Saturday 15th June 2019, 6.00pm

1300 Stock Cars
National Hot Rods World Championship Qualifying Round
CC Rods

Saturday 22nd June 2019, 6.00pm

Stock Rods
Ninja Karts
Junior Productions

Saturday 29th June 2019, 5.30pm

SPECIAL EVENT - Caravan Carnage 2019!!!

Banger Caravan Race!!!
2L National Bangers - HRP Points Round 3

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