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Micro Banger WORLD CUP

Meeting Date: Saturday 9th October

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Micro Banger WORLD CUP Micro Banger WORLD CUP
With OVER 70 BANGERS booked into race this weekend, it looks set to be an all action affair!!

Driver bookings are still open for all formula for the National Micro Banger World Cup Weekend. Bookings can be made by visiting the Online Shop on our website, and selecting the relevant formula for each of the days.

A £750 prize pot for the Micro Bangers has been allocated which should ensure that there is a great mix of both drivers wanting to race to win, and others wanting to race to crash - which is always a great recipe for entertainment!

The 2020 World Cup winner Joey Reynolds is expected to be back with us as he bids to make it 2-in-a-row for the Micro Banger class! A host of star drivers will join in on the action, including 2l Saloon Stock Car driver Will Morphey. Andy Armstrong has shown to be one of the drivers to beat at Lochgelly Raceway in the Micro Banger class, and will be looking to make that experience count this weekend as he bids to become the World Cup winner, 2021! Other drivers will be out, and looking to put on a show, such as Lee Clarke and Norman Moore for example! With the 2 days of action, there will be a number of drivers looking to keep the car lasting throughout the weekend, whilst others may have a 2nd car ready for day 2 of action! One thing for sure, is it promises to be a weekend full of action!

The World Cup will headline the weekend, however, with the Scottish Championship and DD on the Sunday both days are sure to be action packed!! The Junior Bangers contest their own Scottish Championship on the Saturday, whilst they race for the Fife Championship on the Sunday. A number of Scottish based drivers will be hoping to make local experience count, though, with the formula being a visiting formula, the experience of the more regular drivers may be the difference in the Junior Banger class!! The 1300 Stock Cars will race for the Lochgelly Masters over the 2 days and with between 20 and 30 cars expected, the bumper brigade will be looking to put on a show, and steal the plaudits in front of a large crowd.

The Junior Productions will feature on both days as well, with over 20 cars expected to be in attendance!! A host of Northern Irish visitors will bolster the grid for one of the most improved formula in recent times!

The ProStocks will feature on the Sunday and are always certain to provide some great racing, with the occasional mishap along the way!! Darren Rae and Tam Melrose will likely lead the line as the pair battle it out closely for both the National and Track Championships!

Racing kicks off at 4pm on the Saturday, and 12.30pm on the Sunday!

Drivers Notes
- Drivers must remain in cars at all times (even under race suspensions and red flag stoppages), unless instructed by an official to exit the car - this includes banger drivers.
- Driver Sign in WILL CLOSE 15 MINUTES before the 1st race
- Park in your designated area - the pit marshal will instruct you where to park.
- Take any car parts etc away with you, use the bins provided, or bag up your rubbish. Leave the pit area as you found it.

Micro Bangers
- No going through the middle
- Turning around only on corners from outside in throughout races (DD exempt)
- No attacking of cars on infield area - at least 1 wheel must be on the track
- Steward Decision is final
- Seeded entries to be lined up ready 1 race before the main race. Last chance drivers will be instructed to enter track once all seeded drivers are on track and lined up.

Gate Times
- Driver sign in will open at 12pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. All drivers must sign in for each day.
- There will 30m practice, ONLY for Junior Productions and 1300 Stock Cars - on Saturday ONLY.
- Spectator Gates will open at 2pm on Saturday and 1030am on Sunday.

Overnight Stays
Drivers and Spectators are permitted to stay on site at no charge. There is no overnight stay permitted around the raceway, only in the car park and pit areas. Any caravans / vans must pitch at the back fence area, adjacent to the Lee Smart Racing garage.

Provisional Running Order

Race 1 Micro Bangers Last Chance
Race 2 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 3 Junior Productions Heat 1 (Graded)
Race 4 Junior Bangers Scottish Championship (Incarace Draw)
Race 5 Micro Bangers WORLD CUP (42 Cars) *
Race 6 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 7 Junior Productions Heat 2 (Graded - But Drivers Within Grade Reversed from H1)
Race 8 Junior Bangers Heat 1
Race 9 Micro Bangers All Comers 1
Race 10 1300 Stock Cars Final
Race 11 Junior Productions Scottish Open (Points Order From Heats)
Race 12 Junior Bangers Heat 2
Race 13 Micro Bangers All Comers 2

* Micro Bangers World Cup - Seeded Entries must be in the holding area ready to go into tunnel once the race before is on track. Last Chance drivers must wait until instructed to go into the tunnel.

Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 3 Junior Bangers Fife Championship (Incarace Draw)
Race 4 Micro Bangers Scottish Championship (Incarace Draw)
Race 5 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 6 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 7 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 8 Junior Bangers Heat 1
Race 9 Micro Bangers All Comers 1
Race 10 ProStocks Heat 2
Race 11 Junior Productions Fife Championship (Graded Order)
Race 12 1300 Stock Cars Lochgelly Masters (Points Scored From Weekend)
Race 13 Junior Bangers Heat 2
Race 14 ProStocks Final
Race 15 Micro Bangers All Comers 2 / DD *

* Race will end with green and checkered flag, which will commence the start of the DD at the same time.

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

1300 Stock Cars
9 Dale Robertson
17 Stuart Farrell
18 Patrick Calderwood
22 Steven Gold
36 Charlie Henry
46 Barry Jarman
67 Craig Haxton
75 Mike Courts
88 William Stawiarski
113 Dean Sievwright
114 Darren Suddaby
125 Euan Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
227 Martin Loggie
314 James Ellis
410 Callum Sturrock
411 Brant West
414 Scott Smith
611 Jamie Muirhead
668 Fraser Clark
691 Scott Galbraith
710 Martin McCafferty
715 Kyle Hegg
771 Cassidy Jamieson
833 Scott Lindsell
834 Declan Lindsell
968 Callum Little

Micro Bangers - Seeded Entries
3 Gary Doyle
11 Gav Fletcher
14 James Paton
16 John Paton
27 Liam Glendinning
32 Connor Byram
45 Anthony Croshaw
58 Ryan Thompson
79 Michael Byram
83 Scott Lindsell
84 Robert Meikleham
90 Joey Holmes Jnr
92 William Donnell
99 Lee Clarke
100 Brian Johnston
164 Gary Mentiplay
166 Andy Armstrong
180 Sean McConnachie
209 Mark Morrison
241 Zander Brown
250 Peter Thomson
255 Joe Yeats
265 Michael Gordon
282 Finlay Davidson
397 Keiran McKay
448 Jay Byram
455 Ricky Finney
551 Brett Jackson
623 Matty Macfarlane
634 Ben Green
752 James Dillon
760 Joey Reynolds
833 Robbie Dillon
935 David Kennedy-Gurney

Micro Bangers - Last Chance Race
13 Chris Watson
22 Douglas McConnachie
23 Josh Butler
29 David Mawsley
63 Lee Moore
64 Norman Moore
88 William Stawiarski
99 Charlie McKenzie
108 John Fretter
109 Andrew Molloy
120 Lewis Fallows
121 Arron Colbort
129 Will Morphey
129 Liam Stevenson
141 Jake Stewart
155 Gavin Broadbent
160 Jamie Warr
197 Jordan Hartley
232 Ryan Fretter
240 Courtney Warr
248 Willy Bush
262 Lee Edwards
268 Damo Bush
275 Phil Robbotham
342 Freddie Crittenden
348 Liam Boyle
379 Shaun Turner
557 Robert Ryan
573 Oggie Ogden
621 Gareth Parker
650 Dave Sinclair
666 Sam Duckett
711 Tom MacKenzie
775 Joshua Collings
901 Derek Wilson
910 Jake Croft
962 Josh Pidgley

Junior Bangers
29 Sean Mawdsley
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
190 Riley Holmes
352 Koddi Wright
361 Kelsea Walden
382 Theo Barker
455 Lexi Finney
518 Keiran Kinghorn
575 Shaay Ogden
622 Harvey Webb
644 Alfie Sime
702 Ben Kaleta

Junior Productions
8 Samantha Rogerson
9 William Plenderleith
10 Callahan Bremner
35 Jase Walle
49 Connie Anderson
50 Leona Anderson
52 Chelsey Rainey
112 Jack Baird
125 David Dignan
127 Lennon Grant
227 Liam Loggie
262 Matthew Weir
307 Lewis Dickson
352 Koddi Wright
555 Jack MacLeod
687 James Slater
747 Abbie McKinstry
899 Olivia Krzyzanowska
900 Kaitlyn Smart
910 Aaron Ward
924 Jack Morrow
933 Sam Percy
943 Callum Magill

ProStocks - Sunday Only
55 Tam Melrose
122 John Jackson
134 Josh Heeps
162 Graeme Fleming
170 Ian Christie
214 Becki Ritchie
231 Grant Barker
304 Robert Conway
579 Graham Watt
638 Darren Rae
760 John Mason

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Spectator admission will be on the gate each day, and priced as follows.

Saturday 9th October;
Adults (16+) £20
Concessions £13
Young Adults (12-15) £12
Trackside Parking - £7 additional per car.

Sunday 10th October;
Adults (16+) £16
Concessions £12
Young Adults (12-15) £10
Trackside Parking - £7 additional per car.


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