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Micro Banger World Cup

Meeting Date: Saturday 10th October

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Micro Banger World Cup
The 2020 National Micro Banger World Cup takes place on Saturday 10th October, and the Open Scottish Championship 11th October.

A £1000 prize fund has been put in place across the 2 days for the Micro Banger Formula.

This event is open to all drivers, however, Micro Banger numbers will be restricted to 60 cars in order to maintain social distancing within the pit area.

Drivers can book via https://drivers.hardieracepromotions.co.uk. A £20 fee is to be paid before booking, this will cover the driver orci levy, and 1 additional person (NB, National Bangers are entitled to 1 more with there licence).

The Junior Bangers Open Scottish Championship, Junior Productions Open Scottish Championship and ProStock World Cup all also feature on the Saturday.

The Sunday will see the Micro Bangers race for the Open Scottish Championship, Junior Bangers Fife Championship, Junior Productions Fife Championship, ProStocks Open Scottish Championship, whilst the 1300 Stock Cars will also feature.

A superb 2 day event sees almost 60 National Micro Bangers in attendance for what should be a superb weekend of action - it is unfortunate that very few people will be able to be in attendance to see the event, however, that will not prevent the on track action occuring!

Lee Kingsnorth won the title in 2019, and with Lee not in attendance this year, we will see a new name take the title. A 40 car World Cup race will be the highlight of the weekend for the Micro Banger formula. A number of big names including George Boult, Will Morphey, Steven Bolton and Callum Campbell shows the appeal of the event! Crashing will take place from start to finish and there will many caged cars come the end of the weekend!!

The Junior Bangers will be in attendance for there annual visit to Scotland, however, with fewer numbers than had hoped for, the formula will need to be reviewed for 2021! That said, we have no doubt that the Junior Bangers will go out and put on a show to be proud of!

An excellent 22 Junior Productions are booked to race, including 6 from Northern Ireland. Harvey Sneddon will be out showing off the Saltire for the first time having won the Scottish Championship last weekend with an excellent display of defensive driving in atrocious conditions - can he add the Open Scottish this weekend? Jack Morrow is no stranger to success on his visits to Lochgelly Raceway and will likely start as one of the favourites for the race. Points Champion Koddi Wright will be hoping to be on the pace, as will John Bremner, Jase Wall and Jensen Bell! The Junior Productions have been one of the stand out formula of 2020 with some superb racing on offer - the biggest grid in the history of the formula will test the ability of the drivers and will no doubt see some on track action!!

The ProStocks battle it out for there own World Cup - and although there is no visiting drivers, it is anticipated that we will see over 20 cars take to the track for the weekend. John Mason has been showing some great pace over the last few weeks, whilst Tam Melrose and Ross Stewart have been two of the consistent performers since we restarted racing. Paul Winfield will be looking to add to his race wins for 2020. The Nudge and Spin class quite often throws up an exciting race or two, and the ProStocks are a formula you will NOT want to miss this weekend!

The 1300 Stock Cars join in on the action on Sunday, and we will likely see 25-30 cars on track as the bumper brigade look to steal the show!! CC Rod Scottish Champion Craig Watson will be trying his hand in a contact formula, whilst Stephen McCready will also be out in the 1300 Stock Car class!

COVID Guidelines
Additionally, we urge all attendees to ensure they are familiar with our COVID guidelines - https://hardieracepromotions.co.uk/index.php?P=viewArticle&AID=42

Provisional Running Order

Saturday 10th October
Driver Gates 12pm
Spectator (Drive In Viewing) Gates 2pm
Practice 2.30 - 3.00pm. - Junior Productions and ProStocks Only.

Bangers ProStocks, and Junior Bangers Driver Meeting - 3pm
Junior Productions Drivers Meeting - 3.20

First Race 4pm.
Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 Micro Bangers Last Chance
Race 3 Junior Bangers Open Scottish
Race 4 ProStocks Heat 1 (Incarace Draw)
Race 5 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 6 Micro Bangers World Cup
Race 7 Junior Bangers Heat 1
Race 8 ProStocks Heat 2 (Reverse Heat 1)
Race 9 Junior Productions Open Scottish
Race 10 Micro Bangers All Comers 1
Race 11 Junior Bangers Heat 2
Race 12 ProStocks World Cup
Race 13 Micro Bangers All Comers 2

Sunday 11th October
Driver Gates 9.30am
Spectator (Drive In Viewing) Gates 10.30am

First Race 12pm
Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 Junior Bangers Fife Championship
Race 3 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 5 Micro Bangers Open Scottish
Race 6 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 7 Junior Bangers Heat 1
Race 8 ProStocks Heat 2
Race 9 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 10 Micro Bangers Heat 2
Race 11 Junior Productions Fife Championship
Race 12 Junior Bangers Final
Race 13 ProStocks Open Scottish
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Final
Race 15 Micro Bangers Final
Race 16 Micro Bangers DD

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

Micro Bangers
3 Gary Doyle
11 Gav Fletcher
14 James Paton
16 John Paton
17 Jacob Filer
17 Ian Paton
22 Douglas McConnachie
23 Josh Butler
27 Liam Glendinning
32 Connor Bryam
45 Anthony Croshaw
46 Barry Jarman
57 George Boult
58 Ryan Thompson
59 Steven Bolton
74 Jamie Sangster
84 Robert Meikleham
84 Jack Ansell
90 Joseph Holmes
96 William Mitchell
99 Lee Clarke
107 Joe Ward
120 Lewis Fallows
146 Dan Wigman
158 Gary Dickson
159 Callum Campbell
166 Andy Armstrong
180 Sean McConnachie
183 Ross Hogarth
209 Mark Morrison
217 Matt Smith
227 Scott Fraser
233 Daniel Sinclair
235 Adam Thompson
250 Peter Thomson
310 John Nicholson
329 Will Morphey
374 Jake Carter
379 Shaun Turner
466 Dalton Steele
475 Chris Speirs
477 Jack Speirs
478 Craig Royal
557 Robert Ryan
573 Oggy Ogden
619 Bradley Tomlinson
625 Josh Gooch
634 Ben Green
642 Tony Glendinning
683 Louis Wells
710 Cameron McBain
760 Joey Reynolds
883 Chris Thomson
911 Shane Harris
922 Paul Dempster
949 Tony Fidoe

Junior Bangers
17 Dylan Smart
327 Rocco Trench
361 Katie Walden
362 Kelsea Walden
518 Keiran Kinghorn
622 Harvey Webb
682 Korben Quinn
842 Keaton Ivins
999 Louie Cottrill (Sun)

Junior Productions
2 Alex Milligan
8 Samantha Rogerson
17 Dylan Smart
35 Jas Walle
50 Leona Anderson
52 Chelsey Rainey
88 Kyle Rogerson
94 Katie Armit
113 Chloe Baird
127 Lennon Grant
232 Harvey Sneddon
262 Matthew Weir
307 Lewis Dickson
352 Koddi Wright
555 Jack MacLeod
605 John Bremner
673 Jack Dixon
687 James Slater
871 Jensen Bell
910 Aaron Ward
924 Jack Morrow
933 Samuel Percy

38 Stuart Hall
39 Boab Hamilton
55 Tam Melrose
122 John Jackson
133 Lee Kopacz
145 Dougie Kidd
231 Kevin Bell
638 Darren Rae
672 Jason McAlpine
710 Robert Welsh
760 John Mason
916 Dean Abercrombie
822 Paul Winfield

1300 Stock Cars(Sun)
6 Gregor Whyte
9 Dale Robertson
10 Patrick Calderwood
46 Barry Jarman
75 Mike Courts
76 Jamie Brown
100 Sean Naismith
111 Regan Watson
114 Darren Suddaby
124 Andrew Mathieson
125 Euan Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
188 Jamie Stewart
255 Graham Osbourne
325 Dougie Anderson
357 Craig Warner
411 Brant West
659 Craig Jones
668 Fraser Clark
679 Craig Watson
688 Douglas Ford
700 Rory Naismith
710 Martin McCafferty
833 Scott Lindsell
834 Declan Lindsell
888 Jonathan Brown
917 Stephen McCready
923 Chris Hammill

Micro Banger Seeded Entries
3 Gary Doyle
11 Gav Fletcher
14 James Paton
16 John Paton
17 Jacob Filer
22 Douglas McConnachie
27 Liam Glendinning
45 Anthony Croshaw
46 Barry Jarman
58 Ryan Thompson
59 Steven Bolton
84 Jack Ansell
90 Joey Holmes
99 Lee Clarke
159 Callum Campbell
180 Sean McConnachie
209 Mark Morrison
227 Scott Fraser
233 Daniel Sinclair
274 Jamie Sangster
374 Jake Carter
466 Dalton Steele
478 Craig Royal
625 Josh Gooch
634 Ben Green
760 Joey Reynolds
883 Chris Thomson

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

As per website

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