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Triple Championship Weekend Preview

Meeting Date: Saturday 4th September

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Triple Championship Weekend Preview Triple Championship Weekend Preview Triple Championship Weekend Preview
The September Speed Weekend at Hardie Race Promotions is final upon us with THREE major titles on the line.

The Lee Smart Racing 1300 Stock Car World Championship headlines the weekend with 40 cars to take to the grid for the 2021 World Championship race. There will be a last chance qualifier for those that have not made the initial cut to claim their place on the grid, with at least 4 drivers going through and into the BIG ONE.

The weekend will kick off with pre-meeting practice taking place for the 4 formula racing on Saturday, with practice taking place from 2pm until 3pm. Following on from the practice, the drivers briefings and grid draws will be conducted as the starting positions for the main races are determined. After the grid draws have been concluded, and the briefings completed, a parade lap will take place for the Superstox and Oval Track Legends. This is for driver and mechanic only. Please note, both the mechanic and driver are required to wear overalls.

The biggest grid of 1300 Stock Cars ever at Lochgelly Raceway currently has 60 cars booked into race across the weekend!! The meeting will kick off with the 1300 Stock Cars Last Chance qualifying race, with around 25 cars expected to take to the track for this race. Once the four qualifiers are confirmed, they will join the rear of the grid for the World Championship!!

A parade lap for the 1300 Stock Cars will take place before the main race, which has kindly been sponsored by Kingdom Kilts - with 2 tyres going the way of the best dressed (fancy dress) driver on the parade lap!! The parade lap rules will be;

- Driver and mechanic only.
- Mechanic must be wearing overalls in the car
- Walking pace on way to the grid
- Drivers must have overalls, helmet and all safety gear within the car
- Mechanics and driver must remain on / in the car until the grid is formed
- Any drivers not participating in the fancy dress competition must have overalls on and zipped up.

Following on from the World Championship race, there will be a further three 40 car races for the 1300 Stock Cars, with the 60 cars split into a two thirds format. The on track action WILL be eventful, it WILL be lively, and it WILL be entertaining!!!

The Sunday, the 1300 Stock Cars will race in three races, with the format subject to change, however, we anticipate that we will be running an all in format on the Sunday afternoon.

The ever entertaining Superstox will race for their British Championship on the Saturday afternoon, with some of the biggest names in the formula descending upon Lochgelly Raceway! Colin Aylward, Chris Bradbury, Bryan Forrest, Dan Roots, Nick Roots, Lee Davision and Michael Green are just some of the current and former championship holders that will feature on the grid. A random grid draw will determine the grid for the Superstox British Championship race, with 36 cars expected to be on the grid for that race. The bumpers will go in from the outset as the drivers further back look to make up positions before the field spreads out! The Superstox will contest their Open Scottish Challenge Trophy on the Sunday afternoon ensuring two action packed days of racing will be on offer.

A healthy field of Oval Track Legends make their way northbound for their annual Scottish visit as they battle it out for the European Championship. Although primarily an English based formula, their is now a Scottish presence in the formula, with Chris Cuthbert making his debut this weekend!! Can the Scotsman cause an upset on home soil?

The Junior Productions will provide support on the Saturday, whilst the Stock Rods and Ninja Karts will provide support on the Sunday.

Please note, there will be practice on Friday afternoon for all formula, taking place from 1-5pm at a cost of £50 per driver. Spectators are free to come along and attend this practice session.

Overnight Stays
Camping is permitted on site from Friday through until Monday with no charge being applied.

Any spectators wishing to stay on site must exit the raceway viewing area, and stay over in the main car park.

The gates to the premises will be closed at 9.30pm on Friday night, and will re-open on Saturday morning. There will be no re-opening of the gates after this time.

Thanks to our sponsors for this weekend;

- Lee Smart Racing - 1300 Stock Car World Championship Event Sponsor
- Kingdom Kilts - Fancy Dress Parade Lap Sponsor - 2 tyres for the best dressed
- Direct Car Care - 1 tyre for the 1300 world winner and 1 for the first white / yellow graded driver.

Provisional Running Order

Saturday 4th September
Driver Sign In Opens 12pm
Practice 2-3pm
Driver Briefings / Draws - 3pm 1300 Stock Cars, 3.20pm Superstox, 3.40pm OTL. Drivers MUST attend.
Superstox, Legends Parade Lap 4.10pm, OTL 4.30pm
Driver Sign In Closes 4.30pm

Spectator gates will open at 2pm - Pay on the gate only.

Race 1 1300 Stock Cars Last Chance
Race 2 Oval Track Legends Heat 1
Race 3 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 4 Superstox British Championship (30 Laps)
Race 5 1300 Stock Cars WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (25 Laps)
Race 6 Oval Track Legends Heat 2
Race 7 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 8 1300 Stock Cars Heat (A+B)
Race 9 Superstox Heat 1
Race 10 Oval Track Legends European Championship (25 Laps)
Race 11 1300 Stock Cars Heat (B+C)
Race 12 Junior Productions Final
Race 13 Superstox Heat 2
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Heat (A+C)

Sunday 5th September
Driver Sign In Opens 10am
Driver Sign In Closes 12pm
No Practice

Spectator gates open 1030am.

Race 1 Ninja Karts Whites and Yellows
Race 2 Oval Track Legends Heat 1
Race 3 Superstox Scottish Challenge Trophy (Closed Grid Graded)
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Scottish Challenge Trophy (Closed Grid Graded)
Race 5 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 6 Ninja Karts Heat 1
Race 7 Oval Track Legends Heat 2
Race 8 Superstox Heat 1
Race 9 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 10 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 11 Ninja Karts Heat 2
Race 12 Oval Track Legends Scottish Championship
Race 13 Superstox Heat 2
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 15 Stock Rods Final
Race 16 Ninja Karts Heat 3

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

Last Updated 2nd September 1030am

2 Damian Wright
13 Reece Din
15 Steven Ballentine
26 Evan Clark
34 Campbell Scott
51 Colin Aylward
53 Colin Frame
77 Nick Roots
119 Aaron Riddell
128 Ciaran Adams
154 Michael Green
171 Mark Brady
217 Jack Turbitt
252 Gary Chisolm
309 Bryan Forrest
354 Jake Sturt
416 Mark Smith
426 Michael Taylor
446 Dean Johnston
469 Bradley Brooker
511 Martyn Coles
515 Jordan Aylward
540 Brett Wesbroom
566 Declan Salmon
611 Adam Low
636 Lee Skoyles
713 Ian Beaumont
776 Dan Roots
886 Chris Bradbury
903 Alan Haugh
907 Jamie McCann
914 Lee Davison
935 David Beattie
943 Steven Haugh
944 Jordan Robinson
952 James Stewart
955 Kyle Beattie

1300 Stock Cars
06 Gregor Whyte
9 Dale Robertson
17 Stuart Farrell
18 Patrick Calderwood (4)
23 Lee Pearce (1)
27 Mark Boyle
28 Steve Littlejohn
33 Jon McQuillan (2)
36 Charlie Henry
37 Callum McIvor
46 Barry Jarman
67 Craig Haxton
75 Mike Courts
99 Callum Barclay (11)
100 Sean Naismith (3)
113 Dean Sievwright
114 Darren Suddaby
124 Andrew Mathieson (8)
125 Euan Mathieson (5)
126 Danny Whyte (6)
127 Jonny Patterson (3)
137 Curtis Tebbenham (3)
146 Jack Aylward (4)
188 Jamie Stewart (15)
194 Robbie Wright (5)
219 Dan Rowson (16)
227 Martin Loggie
244 Edward Selby (2)
255 Graham Osborne (7)
293 Harri Cole (10)
303 Jacob Bromley (1)
357 Craig Warner (9)
390 Karl Morris (7)
391 Jake Banwell (4)
392 Julian Smith
409 Joe Giles (7)
411 Brant West
422 Martin Taylor (17)
436 Matt Arnold
473 Dean Moat (6)
523 Harry Coxhead (17)
604 Jack Mayle (12)
623 Mark Bessant (22)
659 Craig Jones
668 Fraser Clark (2)
672 Jason McAlpine
710 Martin McCaffery
711 Clark Wells (25)
715 Kyle Hegg (1)
833 Scott Lindsell (10)
834 Declan Lindsell
835 Blair Robertson
888 Jonathan Brown (1)
924 Ivan Elliot (8)
938 Callum Little
946 Fionn Donnelly (4)
991 Jacob Roff (8)
997 Matthew Milliken (7)

Oval Track Legends
2 Richard Stagg
10 John O'Connor
11 Jon Evans
21 Steven Lees
23 Bobby Davis Jnr
27 Charley Ford
32 Mark Johnson
33 Peter Amas
47 Kevin Hughes
64 Tim Hudson
83 Simon Harraway
88 Chris Cuthbert
127 Lynsey Mccloy
161 Dan Holden
211 Sean Smith
272 Aaron Lee
337 Lee Fear

Junior Productions
9 William Plenderleith
10 Callahan Bremner
17 Dylan Smart
35 Jase Walle
49 Connie Anderson
50 Leona Anderson
73 Declan Dixon
112 Jack Baird
127 Lennon Grant
307 Lewis Dickson
352 Koddi Wright
388 Cole Ford
555 Jack MacLeod
687 James Slater
899 Olivia Ktzyanowska

Stock Rods
Stock Rods
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
46 Stewart Paterson
54 Sam Pate
91 Jim Pitcaithly
248 David Crichton
261 Craig Harrison
307 Connor Mason
648 Robbie Hamilton
658 Chris Lattka
700 Ian Donaldson
721 Darren McAlpine

UKMC Ninja Karts
6 Hamish Plenderleith
55 Tommy Melrose
74 Aiden Duffy
75 Calvin Courts
90 Katie Lee Smart
105 Connor Anderson
126 Lucas Whyte
133 Kenzie Kopacz
135 Rayah Burns
136 Shaun Boyle
176 Jack Jones
227 Jack Connor
274 Josh Duffy
473 Riley Mason
501 Saul Galloway
542 Layton Cairns
703 Cameron Mason
721 Kenzie Bell
888 Eevie Ford
910 Ronan Ward (W)
933 Ben Hawe (Y)
969 Ryan Abernethy Jnr (Y)

1300 Stock Car Driver Groups
Group A 6 18 28 37 75 124 127 146 219 255 357 392 422 523 659 710 833 888 946
Group B 9 23 33 46 99 113 125 137 188 227 293 390 409 436 604 668 711 834 924 991
Group C 17 27 36 67 100 114 126 194 244 303 391 411 473 623 672 715 835 938 997

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Saturday 4th September;
Adults (16+) £20
Concessions £13
Young Adults (12-15) £12
Trackside Parking - £5 additional per car.

Sunday 5th September;
Adults (16+) £16
Concessions £12
Young Adults (12-15) £10
Trackside Parking - £5 additional per car.

Both days are Pay on the gate only

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