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Triple Championship Weekend

Meeting Date: Saturday 11th June

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Triple Championship Weekend
The 1300 Stock Cars and Stock Rods both contest their 2022 British Championships this weekend at Lochgelly Raceway, with the Rebels also racing for their 2022 Scottish Championship.

The National Hot Rods and Ministox will feature on Saturday, whilst the Ninja Karts and Junior Productions will feature on Sunday alongside the headline three formula.

The Stock Rods have historically provided some great racing at championship events here at HRP Lochgelly Raceway, with lots of close racing, and some breath-taking moves around the outside of each other, that will often draw your attention to that particular battle throughout the race. A star studded field of drivers are expected to be with us, with some of the best from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland all locking horns this weekend. Can a Scottish driver take advantage on home tarmac, or will the Northern Irish again take the titles when it comes to racing at HRP? It has been a while since an English Stock Rod has gone away with glory at Lochgelly, has their time come? Some of the drivers you would expect to see up front battling it out for glory would be World Champion Siobhan Martin, Chris Lattka, Darren McAlpine and Gary Dean from Scotland, Shane McMillan, Curtis Greer and Johnny Cardwell from Northern Ireland, and Stuart Smyth, George Baker and Max Bradburn from England. That said, there will be around 30 drivers in the reckoning and looking for glory come Saturday night!!

The 1300 Stock Cars have become one of the must watch formula here at Lochgelly Raceway, with brilliant racing, week in, week out. But when it comes to championship events, there at times could be no better racing anywhere in the country! 2021 seen one of the best races of the decade when the 1300 Stock Cars contested their World Championship here at Lochgelly in September, and we anticipate that the British Championship this weekend will be a similar affair. An out the hat grid draw could make or break the race however, depending on where some of the drivers start on track. A last chance qualifier will see a few drivers join the race on the back of the grid, and it could be the case that we see one of them come through and take the title!! Lee Pearce, Kyle Hegg and Chris Hamill could be the ones to watch, but another 30+ drivers on track will be looking for glory themselves, and the best way to give themselves the best shot of that, is to ensure that the top guns are not in the mix!!

The Rebels have become a regular feature here at HRP over the last few season, with the annual trip north providing a different experience for the English based series. Shay Murphy, Rob Jones, Johnny Kriv and Gary Tagg are the ones that stand out on the booking list, but with near identical cars for every driver, it could be an interesting affair. Could Scotsman Dean McGill take glory in one of the hire cars? That would indeed cause a stir amongst the hardcode drivers of the formula!!

A healthy list of Ministox, Ninja Karts and Junior Productions will ensure that the youngsters are represented well this weekend, with all three of the formula providing some great racing so far in 2022. The National Hot Rods complete their 2021-22 qualifying campaign, and it looks set to be Ross McWilliam that will complete the series as the Scottish Series Points Champion, and will again wear the Silver roof for the next 12 months.

Provisional Running Order

Paid Practice will take place on Friday 10th June from 12-4pm, open to all formula that are racing throughout the weekend. This is charged at £50 per driver.

Driver gates will open at 10am on Saturday, with sign in opening at 1130am. The driver and all licenced mechanics must attend sign in to collect bands. No additional bands will be sold at the drivers sign in. Additional bands must be bought at the main reception.

Spectator gates will open at 1330.

Pre-Meeting Practice
1300 - 1530
1300 - Rebels
1330 - Stock Rods
1400 - 1300 Stock Cars
1430 - Ministsox
1500 - National Hot Rods
1530 - END

Briefing and Draw
1540 - 1300 Draw / Briefing
1555 - Stock Rods Draw / Briefing
1610 - Other Formula Briefing

1630 - Grand Parade (All Formula, Driver + Mechanic Only - Both in overalls)

Race Order - First Race 5pm
Race 1: National Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 2: 1300 Stock Cars Last Chance
Race 3: Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 4: Ministox Heat 1
Race 5: Rebels Heat 1
Race 6: National Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 7: Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 8: 1300 Stock Cars British Championship
Race 9: Ministox Heat 2
Race 10: Rebels Heat 2
Race 11: Stock Rods Heat 3
Race 12: National Hot Rods Final
Race 13: 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 14: Ministox Final
Race 15: Rebels European Qualifier
Race 16: Stock Rods British Championship
Race 17: 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2

Driver gates will open at 9am on Sunday, with sign in opening at 1030am. The driver and all licenced mechanics must attend sign in to collect bands. No additional bands will be sold at the drivers sign in. Additional bands must be bought at the main reception.

Spectator gates will open at 11am.

Race Order - First Race 12.30pm
Race 1: Ninja Karts Whites & Yellows
Race 2: Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 3: 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 4: Rebels Heat 1
Race 5: Ninja Karts Heat 1
Race 6: Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 7: Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 8: 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 9: Rebels Heat 2
Race 10: Ninja Karts Heat 2
Race 11: Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 12: Stock Rods Scottish Open Championship
Race 13: 1300 Stock Cars Scottish Open Championship (Points Order Within Grade - Closed Grid)
Race 14: Rebels Racing Scottish Championship
Race 15: Ninja Karts Heat 3
Race 16: Junior Productions Final

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

1300 Stock Cars
6 Gregor Whyte
7 Stephen McCready (17)
8 Jeff Larke (888)
17 Stuart Farrell
23 Lee Pearce
67 Craig Haxton
75 Mike Courts
88 Jason Scopes
99 Jacob Roff
117 Dan Cole (17)
125 Euan Mathieson
137 Curtis Tebbenham
216 Simon Lamont
244 Ed Selby
302 Jack Smith
303 Jacob Bromley
391 Jake Banwell
409 Joseph Giles
410 Callum Sturrock
411 Brant West
600 Carl Waterfield
622 Kai Gilmour
668 Fraser Clark
710 Martin McCaffery
715 Kyle Hegg
835 Blair Robertson
888 Jonathan Brown
923 Chris Hamill
924 Ivan Elliot

1300 Stock Car Last Chance
22 Steven Gold
36 Charlie Henry
46 Barry Jarman
50 Harry Adams
77 Robbie Little
111 Regan Watson
112 Chloe Baird
113 Dean Sievwright
114 Darren Suddaby
118 Kenny Scollon
153 Gordon Myers
188 Jamie Stewart
255 Graham Osborne
263 Dean McGill
414 Scott Smith
501 Alistair Strachan
503 Cameron Innes
771 Cassidy Jamieson
808 Bobby Gold
833 Scott Lindsell
849 Steve Bisset
968 Callum Little

Stock Rods
10 Niall McFerran
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
39 Andy Ireland
47 Jonny Cardwell
54 Sammy Pate
60 Daniel Rea
62 Michael Rodgers
97 Jack Bradburn
115 George Simmonds
197 Max Bradburn
212 John Smith
216 George Baker
232 Brett Sneddon
248 David Crichton
258 Dan Shannon
313 Jamie Bowring
447 Stuart Smyth
605 John Bremner
636 Mark Curran
648 Robbie Hamilton
658 Chris Lattka
698 Mark Crawford
721 Darren McAlpine
911 Shane McMillan
922 Curtis Greer

Additional Stock Rods For Sunday
17 Jamie Doyle
307 Connor Mason

1 Shay Murphy
20 AJ Davis
30 Rob Jones
53 Megan Charlesworth
79 Jonny Kriv
80 Keith Murphy
91 Matt McClure
125 Ashley Palethorpe
238 Gary Tagg
263 Dean McGill
319 Ronnie Bevan
393 Danny McCarthy
461 Tom Davison
468 Bradley Cooper
471 Alaster Houghton
513 Jack Charlesworth
801 Steve Pritchard
905 Danny Maddox
993 Jake McCarthy

6 Hamish Plenderleith
7 Charlie Hardie
14 Demi Ritchie
27 Robbie Scott
42 Jake Wilson
68 Charlie Burgoyne
78 Nicole Allardyce
84 Robbie Armit
165 Jamie Dawson
167 Sam Cavanagh
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
388 Cole Ford
484 Dean Heeps
627 Andrew Scott
629 Kerr Paterson
644 Owen Marshall
680 Bobby Brandon
684 Ross McLaughlin
858 Rhys Anderson

National Hot Rods
To Follow

Ninja Karts
9 Jayden Lee Jeffrey
33 Saxon thompson
45 Dougie Kidd
55 Tommy Melrose
68 Sophia Allan
75 Calvin Courts
90 Katie Lee Smart
105 Connor Anderson
117 Caelan Grant
126 Lucas Whyte
132 Blair Innes
135 Rahay Burns
136 Shaun Boyle
147 Louie Hendry
176 Jack Jones
257 Jenson Fish
323 Jackson Burrell
473 Natalie Mason
542 Layton Cairns
618 Stuart Shevill
703 Cameron Mason
721 Kenzie Bell
969 Ryan Abernethy

Junior Productions
5 Connor St Aubyn
9 William Plenderleith
35 Jase Walle
61 Brooke McMullan
73 Declan Dixon
81 Baillie Glencross
127 Lennon Grant
227 Liam Loggie
307 Lewis Dickson
314 Hollie Ritchie
352 Koddi Wright
441 Aiden McKinnon
555 Jack MacLeod
576 Abe Adams Jnr
636 Lewis Duffy
687 James Slater
899 Olivia Krzyzanowska
900 Kaitlyn Smart
933 Sam Percy

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Adults: £20
Concessions: £16
Under 16s: £10
Under 12s GO FREE with paying adult

Trackside Parking available subject to availability at £5 per car.

Adults: £15
Concessions: £13
Under 16s: £9
Under 12s GO FREE with paying adult

Trackside Parking available subject to availability at £5 per car.

Pit Layouts
See below the pit layout for each day.

Parking LayoutParking Layout

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