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Book In To Race

Use the form below to book into race at forthcoming race meetings.

Drivers for gridded races formula must be booked in by 12pm the day before the race event, in order to be correctly gridded.

Alternatively, you may also book via WhatsApp by sending your name, race formula and number, licencing promotion and event date to 07584 837445.

Conditions of Booking

By booking into race at Lochgelly Raceway (Hardie Race Promotions), I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set out below, in addition to the ORCi Rules of Racing (found at www.orci.co.uk), Formula Rules and the HRP Rules(found within the downloads section of this website).

Attendance - it is the signed in drivers responsibility to ensure that
  • Upon arriving at the venue you must sign in at the drivers sign in office a minimum of 45 minutes before start time, bringing with you your log book and your licenced mechanic(s)
  • The sign in office will close 30 minutes before the first race, and any late arrivals will be required to sign in from the main reception thereafter. We cannot be held accountable for missed races.
  • You must present your car for safety checks prior to going on track
  • You are required to attend a drivers briefing prior to the first race, at the time indicated on the notice at the drivers sign in office.
  • You make your team aware that any additional admission bands can only be purchased from the main reception.
On Track - it is the signed-in drivers responsibility to ensure that
  • You know your grid position ahead of the race
  • All safety equipment is worn correctly as per manufacturers guidelines (Parent / Guardian in the case of minors)
  • You understand that you must remain in your vehicle at all times unless in an emergency situation or the Clerk of the Course give you permission to exit the car under a stoppage
  • You understand that you must not drive through, or into the centre safe area under any circumstances, a first offence for this will be a disqualification, with any further offences resulting in a load-up. Drivers that drive into or through the centre area at speed will be loaded up immediately and will face further disciplinary action.
  • You understand that you must only drive in the direction of your formula (when going to grid, or after the race has concluded, unless insturcted otherwise)
  • Any driver wheelspinning off the track will be disqualified from the race as a minimum. Wheelspinning and carrying excessive speed into the pit lane will result in a load up. Repeat offenders will have penalties escalated.
Pit Etiquette - it is the signed in drivers responsibility to ensure that
  • When using any mechanical tools in the pit area,
    • you take responsibility for ensuring that you, and passers by are kept safe from any works carried out. For example, when using a grinder, a shield is used to prevent sparks striking passers by.
    • you take responsibility for ensuring that equipment is maintained and in a safe working order
    • you wear adequate PPE to protect yourself against harm
  • Any operation where a car is lifted in order to work under the car, or to change wheels etc, that a secondary device used to support the car
  • You and your race team refrain from smoking in the pit area
  • There is a fire extinguisher nearby when refuelling of any vehicles
  • You abide by the walking pace speed limit within the pit area, this includes entering and exiting the track.
  • When using a Hiab
    • Legs must be deployed on the lorry to ensure stability.
    • When working on the race car, at least 50% of the car must be over the lorry bed
    • When removing or lifting a car from or onto the bed of the lorry, a trained person must be operating the machine
    • When a car is being lifted by the hiab, there must be precaution taken to ensure no persons step underneath or nearby the vehicle
    • It must be in safe working order with regular maintenance.
  • Drivers are responsible for their own actions, and those of their family members or mechanics
  • Any race queries are to be presented to the Steward of the meeting after the event has concluded, and within 30 minutes of the end of the last race, or a complaint form given to the pit marshal to be actioned after the meeting.
  • Nobody is permitted to race control during an event, unless permission has been granted. This includes any family members. Offending teams will see the driver given a 1 meeting ban.
  • Drivers are responsible for their area of the pits - ensuring it is kept tidy and left in a tidy manner. We encourage you to take rubbish away with you, but there is many bins available throughout the pit area to be used. We will be monitoring where teams park, and any team leaving their pit area untidy will be given a first warning and a fine, with any future occurances resulting in a ban from the venue.

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