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National Bangers

National Bangers
These are a full contact formula, which is not for the faint-hearted.

When you mentioned Stock Car racing, this is the image that many people think of.

While it may appear that Banger racers have spent little time preparing their cars for battle, nothing could be further from the truth. Many hours are spent painstakingly preparing these cars.

The \'National\' Bangers as the name suggests is a full contact, crashing formula. This is the last stop on the line that leads to the car crusher for somebody\'s one-time pride and joy, which has generally failed the dreaded MOT test!

The origins of this Formula date back to the late 1960’s and was intended as an entry level Formula for anyone to get into Oval Motorsport. Although rather specialised nowadays the average working man or woman can still compete in National Banger Racing.

Needless to say this formula is not only a contact formula but it is actively encouraged, the big cars like Ford Granadas, Volvos, Jaguars and now Supras and Lexus are the preferred weapons, and the action at times can be very heavy. Destroying the opposition is often the preferred objective rather than actually winning the race you\'ve just entered.

The name Bangers, lends itself to many types of automobile, Big Vans, Figure of 8, Team racing and even Caravans all get a chance, whilst the lower engine capacity limits on a number of the meetings throughout the season give the chance for the smaller fry to perform without getting their prize blitzed by the big stuff!

The rules for the formula are strictly controlled by the governing body, with rules on car options and design, power-plants, drive train and tyres being controlled to maximise safety, control costs and maintain fairness.

Today\\\\\\\'s National Banger contains a full steel frame inside and a heavy steel door plate to protect the Driver

With National Banger racing, your budget may or may not have any control regarding your success on track as this is a full contact Formula where everyone can contact with everyone! The novice has every right to retaliate to a faster Star Driver coming through the field! To get you started, there is the possibility of hiring a National Banger from some Drivers whilst others will prepare a car for you for a fee to get you started. Once committed, most Drivers self – assemble and prepare their own cars as per the formula’s rulebook which can be accessed through the ORCi website.

It is a full - contact sport and your car will be hit – sometimes heavily! But you can strike back too! Officials will monitor the circuit closely and take action against those committing misdemeanours outside the Rules!

Most of our National Banger events finish off with a demolition derby where the last car running is declared the winner!

For 2023, National Bangers at Lochgelly consist of events featuring Van Bangers (No lorry chassis permitted, no tipper vans, and any vans with a chassis running to the back bumper must cut this at the rear axle - see fixture for further details), Unlimited Bangers, and Micro Bangers at Lochgelly Raceway.

National Points run from World Final to World Final, and from 2021-22, the cut off being approx 1 month before the actual World Final date. This is to give drivers time to prepare for the World Final, and know who the qualifying drivers will be. There will be 15 bonus points awarded to drivers that book in and race.

2024 Shaun Walsh Memorial Winner - 46 Barry Jarman
2023 Shaun Walsh Memorial Winner - 245 Zak Murdoch
2022 Shaun Walsh Memorial Winner - 883 Chris Thomson
2021 Shaun Walsh Memorial Winner - 152 James Dillon
2020 Shaun Walsh Memorial Winner - 159 Callum Campbell

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- Micro Banger WC Qualifying Round Points - Updated 2nd Jul 2024
- National Bangers Track Pts 2024 - Updated 2nd Jul 2024

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