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Drivers Briefings Outcomes

Added by kevin_mcqueen on Wednesday 30th November
Drivers Briefings Outcomes Drivers Briefings Outcomes
Hardie Race Promotions would like to thank the drivers that attended our drivers briefings at Torleys Bar in Lochgelly last week.

Many positive discussions were held around the feedback received prior to the meeting, as well as agenda points on the day.

To summarise each formula, please see below.

- ProStocks
- Whilst not a HRP controlled formula, there were a number of proposals put forward from drivers that have been sent onto GMP for review. These include changing the current tyre rule to a profile size of no smaller than 50, with a purchase price of £55 (inc VAT). A proposal to run standard springs (the same size on all corners) was also sent over.
- For the tracks, the drivers requested consistency between both tracks in what is acceptable, and what is not, and consistent punishments for offenders (excessive contact etc)
- Championship criteria - ensure that both venues abide by the rules stated in the rule book for drivers able to participate.

- Superstox
- Fixtures - An effort to be made to avoid domestic events immediately before championship dates
- Grids - Open up gaps between the grades, ensure Superstars are a grade behind red grade.
- Laps - Reduce the number of laps to 16/16/20 if less than 15 cars on track.
- Starts - Any unsatisfactory starts to be held yellow. If a second unsatisfactory start, put guilty drivers to the rear of the grade.
- Communication - Has been good and at a level drivers are happy with.
- Communication - Ensure drivers know if clutch or rolling start where it may be different from normal.
- Checks - To be done more randomly, and more often
- Dash For Cash Events - Suggested a driver entry fee of £10 and the final with the enhanced prize to the winner.
- Tyre Warming not permitted on way to grid, nor is sharp acceleration whilst on any rolling lap.
- Rules - A couple of rule queries / requests were put forward and sent to Spedeworth for review.

- 1300 Stock Cars
- Car Numbers - Promotion to actively chase up drivers that are licenced, but not out often
- Jump Starts - Hold unsatisfactory starts, and put repeat offenders to the rear of the grade - ensure consistency.
- Fixtures - Try to avoid before major championships, and back to back meetings.
- Superstar Grade - to be queried if still required or if we can change to flashing lights only.
- Checks - More random checks more often
- Rules - A number of comments were made, with proposals / queries sent to Spedeworth for review.

- CC Rods
- The Formula Criteria - Was discussed about bringing in a rule to keep the formula to non experienced drivers only, however, this has been put on hold for the time being.
- Booking In - Drivers booking in will be rewarded with 5 bonus points. Drivers booking in and not turning up will see 5 points removed. Drivers to book in by 12pm the day prior at the latest.
- Starts - Trial standing starts in all races
- Rules - Trial 32/34 Carb
- Rules - Tyres - Con confirm tyre for 2023 - awaiting price variation between Toyo T1R and Toyo Comfort. No change to size of tyres.
- Penalty Points - Introduced to penalise repeat or consistent offenders in regards to contact.

- Stock Rods
- Blue Flag - To be used for back markers IF they are being challenged and are seen to be blocking or not holding a line.
- Grids - To be completed before the meeting.
- Grids - If driver no show in H1, close gap in grade.
- Booking In - Drivers to book in by 12pm the day prior to the meeting. If not booked, will be required to start at the back in all races.
- Checks - Random checks at random meetings more often.

- Junior Productions
- Contact was discussed, and a penalty points system to be introduced to penalise consistent or repeat offenders.
- Car Numbers - Splits were discussed, but was agreed this would be dealt with on a meeting by meeting basis, however, there will not be any whites or yellows races as such.
- Try to avoid back to back fixtures / dates before championship events.
- Rules - A number of proposals were put to DMC for review.

- Ninja Karts
- Grades - Gaps to be opened up to what they were a number of years ago
- Race Winners - Ensure back of grade
- Grids - Whites and Yellows NOT gridded for the heats - line up as they come out on track.
- Rules - A number of proposals were discussed and sent back to Ninja Kart team.

- 2.0 Hot Rods
- Grids - to be randomised before the meeting
- Booking In - Drivers to book by 12pm the day prior, or must start at the back in all races.
- Scottish Criteria - Discussed and confirmed

- Ministox
- Meetings - Cut down on number of meetings, to be agreed with GMP and Crimond however
- Grids - race to gate was discussed, and proposals put forward to the Ministox committee to try and prevent this.
- Grids - gaps between grades - ensure gaps are consistent between all grades. It was felt the gap between whites and yellows is smaller than blues to reds for example.
- Rules - a number of queries were raised, and put forward to the Ministox committee.

- Bangers
Fixture Balance - Was discussed and agreed to try and group formula together more often, rather than having a variety of different specs between meetings. For example, run 1600s in the first half of season, and Micros in the second half of the season.
- Vans - Was discussed and agreed that the Shaun Walsh Memorial event will be for vans no larger than 3tonnes. The Scottish Championship no smaller than SWB transit. A back to basics event was also discussed for vans, and this will be run upto SWB transit in size.
- Fixtures - possibly team event to be discussed.
- Booking in - Drivers encouraged to book in as early as possible.

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