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HRP 2 Day Special Event

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 26th August
HRP 2 Day Special Event HRP 2 Day Special Event HRP 2 Day Special Event
A 2 day special weekend is coming up shortly!

The 5th and 6th of September will see a HRP 2 day special event take place.

The Rookie Banger (Spedeworth 1600 Bangers) Scottish Championship will feature on Saturday 5th September, alongside the 1300 Stock Cars, Superstox, Ministox and Stock Rods!

The National Micro Bangers will feature on Sunday 6th September alongside 1300 Stock Cars, Superstox, Ministox and 2.0 Hot Rods!

A great mix of formula with 2 different banger events featured across the 2 days - something that HRP have never done before!

The Ministox trophy sponsor for the weekend is DRK Roofing and Property Maintenance (07592 127 409).

A great deal of optimism has been heard around this weekend, with visiting interest expected in Superstox, and 1300 Stock Cars as well as the Banger formula in action!!

Driver Bookings are now being taken for this event - to confirm your booking you need to pay the £2 orci levy for each day, via our online shop. After payment, you will be re-directed back to the HRP website to complete your name, race number and contact details to comply with Track and Trace.

Drivers are urged to book early to avoid missing out! With social distancing in place, pit numbers are restricted!

Remember, the Rookie Banger Scottish Champion will be the HRP Seeded entry into the Spedeworth Bangers World Final (if it goes ahead).

HRP 2 Day Special Event Drivers can book online by going to https://drivers.hardieracepromotions.co.uk - Drivers are permitted the driver and upto 4 adults (age 12 and over) with them in the pits, though must pay for a \'mechanic pass\' for anyone not included on there licence. Drivers are permitted to stay in the pit area overnight.

Spectator bookings via https://tickets.hardieracepromotions.co.uk or by using the Advance Ticket link at the top of this page.

COVID Information

2m Social Distancing Rules Apply
Face Coverings MUST be worn in all areas of the venue, including those in trackside viewing (when they are outwith a vehicle)
Sanitise regularly throughout the weekend
Wash hands regularly
Do not attend if showing any symptoms
Do not attend if you are positive for COVID.

You are required to stay in your segregated areas of the venue. Each area of the venue will be issued with a different colour of wrist band, which must be shown to staff.

Drive In Viewing Spectators must stay at there vehicle - either in front, inside, or behind the vehicle. You must maintain 2m distancing from other groups. You cannot stand against safety railings and can only use the cafe and toilets under race control as facilities.

Walk In Spectators will have access to the small stand and standing areas from the disabled trackside parking area to the pit gate AND the lower deck area of the new stand, and benches on the home straight.

Race teams will have access the the upper deck of the new stand, and the banked corner at the bar end of the venue.

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