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Three Titles On The Line

Meeting Date: Saturday 5th June

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Three Titles On The Line Three Titles On The Line
So, here we are for a triple championship event!!

The 2.0 Hot Rods will battle it out for the ATP Spray Finishing sponsored British Championship, the Stock Rods will race for the Lee Smart Racing sponsored European Championship and the Rebels will race for their own European Championship as well – and that’s all just for Sunday!!! The Sunday will see the 2.0 Hot Rods and Stock Rods race for their respective Scottish Challenge Trophies, whilst the Rebels contest the 2021 Scottish Championship! The ever entertaining Ministox feature both days, whilst the 1300 Stock Cars join in on the Sunday.

Reigning British Champion Dan Smith will lead the field in his quest to retain the title that he won in 2019. Smith is a regular front runner at most major championships, with a vast amount of experience in the 2.0 class, and will be hopeful of a couple of consistent runs in the heats will put him in the reckoning for the main event on Saturday night. It will be more than just Dan looking for glory though with a host of top name drivers gracing Lochgelly Raceway. World Champion Dave Leech is just one of the names amongst the star studded line up, but alike Dan, will find the going tough as they try and manoeuvre their way through an evenly matched grid of cars, around the tight Lochgelly oval. Conor Hughes and Adam Best are amongst Northern Irelands entrants looking for British Championship success, whilst Kevin Stewart, Jock Campbell and Robert McDonald will be hoping to bring the title to Scotland for the next 12 months! And with the forecast set to be dry, it looks set to be a fast paced race event that you will not want to miss!!

The Stock Rods will see the LSR European Championship defended by Derek McMillan who also holds the World Championship crown which he won here at Lochgelly 2 years ago! Derek certainly knows his way around the track and will no doubt be up there battling for the flag come the main European race on Saturday night. Fellow Northern Ireland based driver, Shane McMillan is another who knows his way around the Lochgelly Oval as he showed a couple of weeks ago – heading away with a number of race wins under his belt at our Lochgelly Masters event! The English challenge will no doubt be spearheaded by Dean O’Dell and Stuart Smyth, though, a considerable amount of talent will head north in the search for glory on Scottish soils. The Scottish scene isn’t too shabby neither, with a host of top performers that are no stranger to success over the years. Chris Lattka and Siobhan Martin will lead the Scottish challenge, though, Darren McAlpine, Jim Pitcaithly amongst others, all have the speed on their day to be up there fighting for the silverware!! The Stock Rods generally always provide close, fast and competitive racing here at Lochgelly Raceway, and with the sports top drivers in attendance, this weekend will be no different as they drivers battle bumper to bumper and side by side in the search of points, and ultimately, the 2021 European Championship!!

The Rebel Racers join us for there annual (well except 2020) visit as they themselves race for their own European Championship. The Rebel Racers always provide an entertainment filled evening of racing with the Robin powered cars all identically built, it is down to the driver to get the best out of the cars.

The Ministox feature on both days as well. The youngsters always provide thrilling action here at HRP Lochgelly Raceway, with grids regularly well over 20 cars, and this weekend will be no different. Scott Allardyce has started 2021 in great form, though the challenge is certainly there, with Robbie Armit, Rachel Kidd and Charlie Hardie all always up there battling for the trophies as well! Ethan Gemmell was in great form last time out from white grade, taking away several great results in the process. Bobby Brandon is set to make his first outing of the season at Lochgelly Raceway as the youngsters look to put no another entertaining weekend of action!

The 1300 Stock Cars join in on the action on Sunday, and with a couple of visitors as well, we will again see over 20 cars take to the track for the final time ahead of the 1300 Stock Car British Championship a week later. The bumper brigade have done the hardwork in securing the points to be eligible for the British, so all eyes are back on domestic action and we will no doubt see the bumpers flying in across Sunday afternoon!!

Join us at Lochgelly Raceway this weekend for TWO epic days of racing!

Provisional Running Order

Practice Friday 12-5pm - pay upon arrival for drivers (£50).

1100am: Race Team Gates Open
1400-1500: Practice
1430: Spectator Gates Open
1510: 2.0 Hot Rod Grid Draw/ Briefing (bottom of tunnel)
1525: Stock Rod Grid Draw / Briefing (bottom of tunnel)
1540: Rebels Draw / Briefing (bottom of tunnel)
1555: Ministox Briefing

Provisional Running Order
First Race 5pm.
Race 1 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 2 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Ministox Heat 1
Race 4 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 5 Rebels Heat 1
Race 6 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 7 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 3
Race 8 Ministox Heat 2
Race 9 Stock Rods Heat 3
Race 10 Rebels Heat 2
Race 11 2.0 Hot Rods British Championship
Race 12 Stock Rods European Championship
Race 13 Rebels European Championship
Race 14 Ministox Final

10:30 Driver Gates Open
11:30 Spectator Gates Open
11:30 Stock Rod Grid Draw
11:45 2.0 Hot Rod Grid Draw

Provisonal Running Order
Grid Draws - Stock Rods 11.30am; Hot Rods 11.40am.
Drivers Briefing: 1300 Stock Cars 1150am.

First Race 12:30
Race 1 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 2 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Rebels Heat 3
Race 4 Ministox Heat 1
Race 5 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 6 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 7 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 8 Rebels Heat 2
Race 9 Ministox Heat 2
Race 10 Stock Rods Heat 3
Race 11 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 3
Race 12 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 13 Rebels Scottish Championship
Race 14 Ministox Final
Race 15 Stock Rods Scottish Challenge Trophy
Race 16 2.0 Hot Rods Scottish Challenge Trophy
Race 17 1300 Stock Cars Final

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

2.0 Hot Rods
2 Ryan Morgan
17 Robert McDonald
18 Ross Eaton
23 Ryan Adamson
26 John Campbell
35 Mitch Souter
72 William Hardie
77 Sam Owen
107 Marc Honeyman
144 Cameron Willacy
147 Gerry Hendry
175 Hayden Ballard
207 Greg Honeyman
209 Kym Weaver
228 Alan Thorndyke
331 Jason Jackson
469 Scott Devine
529 Jason Secker
551 Gary Butler
565 Dan Smith
610 Ryan Mackie
668 Kevin Stewart
743 Drew McKeown
922 Curtis Greer
923 James Morris
928 Dave Leech
929 Connor Hughes
959 Adam Best

1 Karl Emmett
20 AJ Davis
28 Finn Robinson
30 Rob Jones
79 Jonny Kriv
80 Murph Murphy
81 Shay Murphy
125 Ashley Palethorpe
131 Nicole Emmett
238 Gary Tagg
319 Ronnie Bevan-Phillips
469 Ian Chalkley
471 Alaster Houghton
801 Steve Pritchard
900 James Brown

Stock Rods
8 Samuel Wilson
10 Niall McFerran
18 Stewart Aitken
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
46 Stewart Paterson
54 Samuel Pate (Sun)
60 Daniel Rea
65 Steven McNiece
87 Paul Bell
88 Luke Grimer
91 Jim Pitcaithly
117 Jon Dunn
171 Dean O'Dell
216 George Baker
232 Brett Sneddon
248 David Crichton
257 Ashley Brown
258 Dan Shannon
313 Jamie Bowring
447 Stuart Smyth
473 Paul Wilson
658 Chris Lattka
721 Darren McAlpine
903 Adam McFall
909 Adam Weir
911 Shane McMillan
917 Rick Purdy
928 James Morris
934 Philip Wilson
944 Derek McMillan

7 Charlie Hardie
14 Demi Ritchie
21 Ethan Doull
28 Mirran Adams
50 Ethan Gemmell
60 Bailey Millar
68 Charlie Burgoyne
84 Robbie Armit
88 Kyle Rogerson
142 Jake Wilson
145 Rachel Kidd
165 Jamie Dawson
167 Sam Cavanagh
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
309 Freya Lovett
352 Koddi Wright
484 Dean Heeps
612 Jay Paterson
622 Kai Gilmour
644 Owen Marshall
675 Charley Faichney
680 Bobby Brandon
682 Max Walker
818 Kara Russell
858 Rhys Anderson

1300 Stock Cars
17 Stuart Farrell
18 Patrick Calderwood
33 Jonathan Mcquillan
75 Mike Courts
88 William Stawiarski
99 Jacob Roff
114 Darren Suddaby
124 Andrew Mathieson
125 Euan Mathieson
127 Jonny Paterson
188 Jamie Stewart
255 Graham Osbourne
325 Dougie Anderson
410 Callum Sturrock
638 Darren Rae
710 Martin McCafferty
715 Kyle Hegg
833 Scott Lindsell
835 Blair Robertson
968 Callum Little

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Age 12+: £20 (Sat) £16 (Sun)
Car: £7

Book online via our advanced ticket section to guarantee your place!

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