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24th October - Preview

Meeting Date: Saturday 24th October

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24th October - Preview 24th October - Preview
The annual Mr Gunn Trophy takes place on Saturday 24th October - the much sought after 1300 Stock Car trophy is currently held by Eddie Corr, who is currently taking some time out, so we will see a new winner on Saturday night!

A tasty 4 formula support adds to what will already be an excellent event, with the Ministox, Junior Productions, CC Rods and Stock Rods all in action! With visiting interest in both the Stock Rods and Junior Productions, we expect around 20 cars to be in action in each of these formula. The Ministox are back with us for the 2nd week in succession, where again, we will expect to see in excess of 20 cars take to the track as the youngsters look to put on a show. The CC Rods will have 1 final run out ahead of there Scottish Championship on the 31st October, an event the drivers will be looking to keep out of trouble and fine tune there race setups!

The 1300 Stock Cars are the headline event however, and we anticipate that 30 cars will take to the track, which will include several drivers making their debut in the formula, as well as a couple of returnees! Kyle Hegg makes a return to action having sat out the previous meeting here at Lochgelly Raceway, and will be hoping to get his hands on the silverware, though will have his work cut out with a pack of hungry 1300 drivers also chasing after the same thing! Andrew and Euan Mathieson need no introduction, both drivers know when and how to use the bumper to their advantage and will waste no time in disposing of those around them in order to make inroads in the race. Sean Naismith and Fraser Clark are 2 of the smoothest drivers on track, both with an excellent race craft, though neither have a reputation for hard hitting action – this pair of drivers are known for reading the race and making moves at the correct time in order to get through the grid quickest! Craig Warner and Gregor Whyte have both shown good pace from the lower grades over the last month or so, and will be looking to pick up the pieces as the pack around them battle it out! Dougie Ford, Scott Lindsell and Patrick Calderwood all have the pace to succeed, but have often been the victim of some unfortunate DNF’s! Former Scottish Champion Callum Barclay makes a return to action as he bides to take a win in a race that means more to him than most. Mitchell Gold and Charlie Henry are both booked in and expect to make there 1300 Stock Car debut’s having progressed from the Ministox – can either of them reign victorious and cause an upset?? One thing for sure, is that the 1300 Stock Cars will put on a show as they race for the Mr Gunn Trophy!

The Stock Rods seen a respectable 16 cars in action last weekend and provided some good racing as a result – it is anticipated that we will see nearer 20 cars come Saturday evening, with numbers being bolstered further with the likes of Dean O’Dell, Niall McFerran and Adam McFall all booked into race. National Points Champion Siobhan Martin will be looking to bounce back from, by her standards, a disappointing meeting last weekend. Scottish Champion Chris Lattka will be hoping to score another good haul of points. Jim Pitcaithly took a double race win last weekend, that will see him elevated to red grade for Saturday night – can he bag another win or 2 from a bit further back, or will the flag fall the way of someone else? Darren McAlpine will be looking to get a win after a series of races where he has often finished in the podium places. Gary Nicholls has turned his form around and is now up there and on the pace – an experienced driver with a quick car under him, will be hard to beat, though, is another driver who is no stranger to reliability issues!

The Ministox always provide super racing here at Lochgelly Raceway and with the season nearing it’s latter stages, it hasn’t stopped the enthusiasm of the kids and their race teams. Sam Cavanagh is hoping to be back out with us having had a series of shunts over the last few meetings, he’ll be hoping for a quiet meeting this weekend as he looks to score a few points for his efforts. Rian Mitchell has been one of the most improved drivers over the last few meetings, seeing his points tally bounce up following a tough time of it in the earlier stages of the season. Robbie Armit, Lewis Burgoyne and Charlie Hardie will be looking to take the honours, but with such a competitive field of cars on track, with a lot of unpredictable racing, any driver is capable of taking a win or 2!

The Junior Productions have seen some super action in 2020, with a fair share of talking points too – it is hoped that the youngsters will continue with providing some excellent racing, whilst keeping the racing clean on track. James Slater and Dylan Smart have both improved greatly over the course of the season, with both drivers showing the pace to match those starting from red grade. The battle for the track championship continues to be close, with John Bremner, Harvey Sneddon, Koddi Wright and Jas Walle all still in contention. One bad meeting for any of these drivers could see there chances go up in smoke – consistency is key at the moment, with races not being won on the first corner!

The CC Rods are the final formula in action, and are another formula that will see the track championship battle go right to the end. Brian Allen, Lee Scott, Dylan Coutts, Kyle Hutchison and Brandon Gourlay are separated by less than 20 points – and with there Scottish Championship on offer next weekend, there is still EVERYTHING to play for in this CC Rods battle.

This Saturday night, is a meeting NOT to be missed!!!

Hardie Race Promotions would like to thank the following businesses and people for their contribution towards the 1300 Stock Cars Mr Gunn Trophy Race;

The Gunn Family
Carol and Ian Goodall
Claire at Mirror Mirror Salon
Fife Seat
Ringtone Race Painter
Responsible Electrical Solutions

Please ensure you are familiar with our Covid Guidelines https://www.hardieracepromotions.co.uk/?P=viewArticle&AID=42

Provisional Running Order

Driver Gates Open 2pm
Practice 3 - 4pm
Spectator (Drive In Viewing) Gates Open 3pm.

Driver briefings (socially distanced)
Junior Productions (and parents) briefing 4.05pm
Ministox (and parents) briefing 4.20pm
CC Rods 4.35pm
Stock Rods 4.50pm
1300 Stock Cars 5.05pm

First Race 5.30pm
Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 Ministox Heat 1
Race 3 CC Rods Heat 1
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 5 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 6 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 7 Ministox Heat 2
Race 8 CC Rods Heat 2
Race 9 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 10 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 11 Junior Productions Final
Race 12 Ministox Final
Race 13 CC Rods Final
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Final (Closed Grid)
Race 15 Stock Rods Final

Practice will be split into groups this week, with approx 5 minutes for each run;

Run 1 Junior Productions
Run 2 Ministox
Run 3 CC Rods
Run 4 1300 Stock Cars
Run 5 Stock Rods
Run 6 Junior Productions
Run 7 Ministox
Run 8 CC Rods
Run 9 1300 Stock Cars
Run 10 Stock Rods

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

7 Charlie Hardie
28 Mirran Adams
50 Ethan Gemmell
59 Scott Smith
88 Kyle Rogerson
111 Koddi Wright
165 Jamie Dawson
167 Sam Cavanagh
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
309 Freya Lovett
612 Jay Paterson
622 Kai Gilmour
627 Andrew Scott
628 Ross McLaughlin
630 Madison Gilmour
647 Lewis Burgoyne
680 Bobby Brandon
682 Max Walker

CC Rods
20 Brian Allen
23 Ryan Cameron
39 Vernon Sutherland
69 Graham Campbell
71 Emma Kirk
81 David Glencross
87 Paul Bell
91 Kenny Pitcaithly
98 Callum Elliot
171 Kevin Hutchison
232 Andy Nelson
267 Lee Wotherspoon
289 Kyle Hutchison
337 Lee Scott
636 Steven Duffy
671 Brandon Gourlay
679 Craig Watson
700 Ian Donaldson
750 Raymond Brown
878 Ian Hotchkies

Stock Rods
10 Niall McFerran
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
46 Stewart Paterson
54 Samuel Pate
73 Greig Clarke
91 Jim Pitcaithly
171 Dean O\'Dell
176 Gary Nicholls
248 David Crichton
393 Stuart Bannatyne
473 Paul Wilson
557 Jock McEwan
658 Chris Lattka
703 Craig Mason
721 Darren McAlpine
903 Adam McFall

Junior Productions
8 Samantha Rogerson
10 Callahan Bremner
17 Dylan Smart
35 Jas Walle
50 Leona Anderson
52 Chelsey Rainey (W)
88 Kyle Rogerson
94 Katie Armit
127 Lennon Grant
352 Koddi Wright
555 Jack MacLeod
605 John Bremner
673 Jack Dixon
687 James Slater
871 Jensen Bell
910 Aaron Ward (Y)
924 Jack Morrow (B)

1300 Stock Cars
9 Dale Robertson
10 Patrick Calderwood
36 Charlie Henry
75 Mike Courts
88 William Stawiarski
99 Callum Barclay
100 Sean Naismith
111 Regan Watson
114 Darren Suddaby
124 Andrew Mathieson
125 Euan Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
132 Chris Wallace
199 Mitchell Gold
228 Ian Goodall
255 Graham Osbourne
304 Robert Conway
357 Craig Warner
411 Brant West
659 Craig Jones
668 Fraser Clark
688 Douglas Ford
700 Rory Naismtih
710 Martin McCafferty
715 Kyle Hegg
833 Scott Lindsell
834 Declan Lindsell

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Book via our Advance Tickets section on our website

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