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World Championship Double Header

Meeting Date: Saturday 26th August

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World Championship Double Header World Championship Double Header
It’s the biggest weekend of the stock car season – not one, but TWO World Championships up for grabs.

With over 100 cars in the pits each day, plus an flash back to the past with a retro style display, it promises to be spectacular.

The Stock Rods race for their World Championship, with each driver participating in 2 out of 3 qualifying heats to determine the grid for the 40 lap World Championship race. An array of the biggest names in the formula descend upon the raceway, with any one of the 36 drivers in with a chance of success. There are a number of previous world champions on the grid, including the current World Champion, Colin McNiece. Stuart Smyth, Siobhan Martin and Stevie McNiece. Points champions from throughout the UK and Ireland, and over 30 other drivers looking for that opportunity to come away with the prestigious gold roof!

The Containers R Us Superstox World Championship is also on the line this weekend – with drivers from the respective nations drawing against each other to determine who starts where, based on their complete National Points Chart. A wealth of top end drivers are set to be with us, with a number of champions on the grid – The English, Scottish and Northern Irish points champions will be with us, whilst the National Champion, European Champion and British Champion are all looking to add the World Championship to their list of honours. A 30 lap race will see the drivers balance bringing their tyres in during the race, whilst also looking to get to the front as quickly as possible – and that means that bumpers will need to be used!

The Junior Productions put on an excellent showing at their Scottish Championship event last weekend, and will be back with us on Saturday night alongside the 2.0 Hot Rods. On the Sunday, these two formula are replaced with the all action and ever entertaining 1300 Stock Cars and ORCi Ministox.

The racing gets underway at 5pm Saturday, and 12pm Sunday.

Pit gates will be open from 9am Saturday and 9am Sunday. Drivers sign in office will open at 12pm - 4.30pm on Saturday and 10am - 11.45am on Sunday. Scrutineering will be open from the same time as drivers sign in office opens each day. Only cars not racing on the Saturday need to be checked on the Sunday morning. Any driver arriving late will be required to sign in from the main reception.

FOR SUPERSTOX, IT IS ONE TYRE LOG FOR THE WEEKEND. WORLD FINALISTS ARE PERMITTED FOUR NEW TYRES. Any tyres used in pre-meeting practice must be the tyres logged on the tyre log. For non World Final drivers, it will be as per your normal domestic event allocation.

Spectator gates will open at 1.30pm on Saturday and 10am Sunday

Overnight camping is permitted and is free of charge, and teams or spectators are permitted to stay over from the Friday (or Thursday upon request). The gates will close at 9pm on Friday, and anyone bringing vehicles in or our, must do so by that time. For Friday night, camping is only permitted in the car park or pit area for race teams - please ensure you are parked where you should be as per pit plan below. For the Saturday night, anyone staying on trackside parking overnight will be required to purchase both days admission on the Saturday, as well as trackside parking for both days. You will be given a pass to place in your windscreen, if this is not shown, you will be required to exit the venue on the Saturday night.

The bar will be open on Saturday night.

Friday practice is available for any driver competing over the weekend from 12-4pm, at a cost of £50. Spectators are free to attend.

Provisional Running Order

Saturday 26th August


14:00 - 14:20 Superstox (1 Run Per Driver)
14:20 - 14:40 Stock Rods (1 Run Per Driver)
14:40 - 14:50 Junior Productions
14:50 - 15:00 2.0 Hot Rods

Driver Briefings - In Tunnel

15:10 Superstox
15:25 Stock Rods
15:40 Juniors + 2.0 Hot Rods

Parade Laps

16:10 Stock Rods World Championship Parade (Qualifiers Only)
16:35 Superstox World Championship Parade (Qualifiers Only)

Race Order

Race 1 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 2 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 4 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 5 Superstox World Championship
Race 6 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 7 Stock Rods Heat 3
Race 8 Superstox Heat 1 (A+B)
Race 9 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 10 Stock Rods World Championship
Race 11 Superstox Heat 2 (B+C)
Race 12 2.0 Hot Rods Final
Race 13 Junior Productions Final
Race 14 Superstox Heat 3 (A+C)

Superstox Heat Splits:
Group A 5 54 128 171 252 354 446 492 555 703 907 918 933 307 591
Group B 28 55 154 217 268 368 453 511 566 713 914 922 935 824 843
Group C 34 99 169 219 22 426 469 532 611 886 917 925 944 506

Sunday 27th August


Driver Briefings - In Tunnel

11:30 - Ministox and 1300 Stock Cars

Race Order

Race 1 Stock Rods World Revenge (Reverse WF Grid)
Race 2 Superstox Heat 1 (Incarace Draw)
Race 3 Ministox Heat 1
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 5 Stock Rods Scottish Open (Incarace Draw)
Race 6 Superstox Heat 2 (Reverse H1)
Race 7 Ministox Heat 2
Race 8 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 9 Stock Rods All Comers (Graded)
Race 10 Superstox Scottish Open (Points Order)
Race 11 Ministox Final
Race 12 1300 Stock Cars Final

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

At 10.15am, 25th August


5 Eric Walker
22 Callum Kelman
028 Mirran Adams
34 Campbell Scott
54 David Lumsden
55 Lee Livingston
99 Colin Din
128 Ciaran Adams
154 Michael Green
169 Scott Devine
171 Mark Brady
217 Jack Turbitt
219 Paul Mackie
252 Gary Chisolm
268 Dan Santry
307 Connor Mason (Support)
354 Jake Sturt
368 Charlie Santry
426 Michael Taylor
446 Dean Johnston
453 Kenny McKenzie
469 Bradley Brooker
492 Randal Lynn
506 John Downs (Support)
511 Martyn Coles
532 Bobby Davis Jnr
555 Jordan Black
566 Declan Salmon
591 Reid Murray (Support)
611 Adam Low
703 Craig Mason
713 Ian Beaumont
824 Dom Currie (Support)
843 George Cuzen (Support)
886 Chris Bradbury
907 Jamie McCann
914 Lee Davison
917 Graham Meek
918 David McMenemy
922 Curtis Greer
925 Craig McConnell
933 Steven Haugh
935 David Beattie
944 Jordan Robinson

Stock Rods

11 Tam Brown
13 Shane Allen
18 Patrick Calderwood (Sun)
22 Paul Hughes (Sun)
25 Siobhan Martin
26 Adam Sloan
27 Gary Dean
35 Victor McAfee
55 Colin McNiece
56 Paddy O Dwyer
60 Daniel Rea
65 Stevie McNiece
78 Stewart Aitken
110 Kevin Wareham
117 Jon Dunn
147 Mark Foster
151 Luke Oliver
168 Andy Sturt
194 John Lee Green
197 Max Bradburn
216 George Baker
232 Brett Sneddon
242 Rhys Forrest
248 David Crichton
252 James Robertson
258 Dan Shannon
289 Kyle Hutchison
319 Chris Woods
363 Lee McGill (Sun)
388 Declan O’Connor
447 Stuart Smyth
555 Jack MacLeod
653 Gemma Rainer
698 Mark Crawford
715 Ronan O’Brien
721 Darren McAlpine
750 Raymond Brown
801 Robert McGee
974 Lee Clark

Junior Productions

5 Connor St Aubyn
9 William Plenderleith
10 Callahan Bremner
27 Kaden Connor
49 Connie Anderson
74 Aiden Duffy
81 Baillie Glencross
112 Jack Baird
145 Rachel Kidd
156 Dale Sutherland
227 Liam Loggie
307 Lewis Dickson
313 Callum Ritchie
314 Hollie Ritchie
352 Koddi Wright
441 Aiden McKinnon
576 Abe Adams
636 Lewis Duffy
900 Kaitlyn Smart

2.0 Hot Rods

6(7) Steven Clark*
7 Kerr Paterson *
9 Colin Wotherspoon
21 Ethan Doull
40 Chris Leslie
67 Frankie Cunningham
82 Keith Brown
123 Shuggy Brown
144 Cameron Willacy
147 Gerry Hendry
178 Mark Dews
196 Allan Gibson
636 Steven Duffy
755 Ryan Dunbar


6 Hamish Plenderleith
7 Charlie Hardie
27 Rab Scott
29 David Philp Jnr
42 Jake Wilson
52 Caden Abernethy
60 Bailey Millar
68 Charlie Burgoyne
73 Declan Dixon
78 Nicole Allardyce
96 Callum Doak
126 Lucas Whyte
172 Rian Mitchell
249 Kevin Graham
339 Rhys Kelly
388 Cole Ford
484 Dean Heeps
629 Kerr Paterson
651 Shay Page

1300 Stock Cars

15 Samuel Douglas
16 Michael Stewart
22 Steven Gold
75 Mike Courts
113 Dean Sievwright
126 Danny Whyte
166 Chris Gold
167 Sam Cavanagh
176 Gary Nicholls
378 Luke Gordon
410 Callum Sturrock
411 Brant West
494 Steve Riddle
502 Kyle Strachan
638 Darren Rae
648 Ryan Muirhead
668 Fraser Clark
672 Jason McAlpine
715 Kyle Hegg
808 Bobby Gold
835 Blair Robertson
849 Stevie Bissett

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs


Adults: £20
Concessions: £16
10-15yrs: £12
Under 10s GO FREE with paying adult
Limited Souvenir Programme: £3

Trackside parking available subject to availability at £7 per car.


Adults: £18
Concessions: £14
10-15yrs: £10
Under 10s GO FREE with paying adult
Limited Souvenir Programme: £3

Trackside parking available subject to availability at £7 per car.

This event is cash on arrival only

Large free onsite car park available, with overflow on the drift track if required.

Wristbands cannot be purchased from the drivers sign in office.

Parking Layout

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