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Nationals Road To World Qualification

Meeting Date: Saturday 7th March

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Nationals Road To World Qualification Nationals Road To World Qualification Nationals Road To World Qualification
Lochgelly Raceway hosts the latest round of the National Hot Rod World Qualifying Series this Saturday night (7th March) as the pinnacle formula of non contact oval racing continue the fight on the road to World Final qualification. The UK Massage Chairs Ninja Karts, Superstox, CC Rods and ProStocks are all in action, with the first Ninja Kart race taking place at 1745.

The ultra quick National Hot Rods have seen some excellent racing over the last year or so domestically, with several equally competitive drivers challenging for the race wins. Ian Donaldson currently leads the way in the World Qualification series, with Gordon Alexander and John Sibbald not far behind – all three are expected to be in attendance on Saturday night as the battle continues. Beyond that, Roy Anderson is within touching distance of the top three places and will be hoping for a steady haul of points on Saturday to keep him in contention. Ross McWilliam looked to have found his feet in the Nationals towards the end of the 2019 year with some encouraging results – a trend he’ll hope to continue this weekend. This is the only meeting for the National Hot Rods at Lochgelly ahead of the DP Commercials European Championship weekend on the 25th and 26th April! It’s more than just a battle for World Qualification – it’s a battle to be crowned the Scottish Champion – a title that is awarded to the driver finishing first in the series!

The UKMC Ninja Karts had an excellent season in 2019 and with several drivers now having moved on from the formula, doors have been opened for other drivers to step in and fill the void. It’s great to see several new drivers take out licences for the Ninja Karts here at Lochgelly, with a few of them expected to make their debuts this weekend, including Shaun Boyle and Kai Wotherspoon. The fast paced youngsters will no doubt continue to dazzle with some excellent race craft throughout the field. National Points and Scottish Champion, Toby Tyson will start the season off as the driver to beat, however, with several drivers upping their game throughout the 2019 season, we could see several challengers for silverware this weekend; Kenzie Bell had a super end to the season and will be hoping to start 2020 off in the same fashion, whilst Hamish Plenderleith, Dougie Kidd and Chris Hay all showed signs that they are all up to the challenge too! Lewis Duffy, Aiden Duffy and Cole Ford likewise, all showed glimpses of huge potential last season, and should they get the 2020 season off to a flying start, the confidence that will give them could see them all prove challengers as the year goes on. William Plenderleith and Neave McGill will look to continue to on showing consistency on track as they aim to work there way through the grades. James Stewart, Caelan Grant and Eevie Ford will be looking to enjoy themselves on track and hope to pick up a few good results on the way as they continue to build their on track confidence. We are blessed with talent here at Lochgelly Raceway, and the future certainly bodes well with the amount of emerging youngsters starting their racing careers young. Any new driver still to complete a competence test will be able to do this on Saturday between 3pm and 3.30pm.

The Superstox start the season off this weekend as they build up toward their British Championship here at Lochgelly in September. A few drivers don’t quite have cars ready for action this weekend, but the season certainly looks good for the open wheel formula. Several new drivers enter the formula including Evan Clark, Lee Clark, Steve Grant, Colin Waddell, Ciaran Adams, Allan Adams and Ryan Dunbar, and although they won’t all be out this weekend, add them into the numbers that we seen on track last year, and it certainly looks promising. Bryan Forrest will lead the challenge this weekend, the Lochgelly Track Champion will look to get his defence of that title off to the best possible start this weekend. Dean Johnston, Aaron Riddell and Adam Low are no strangers to success with them all having taken a large amount of race victories over the last year or so, and they are all more than capable of making life difficult for others on track with all of them having no quelms about using the bumper where necessary! Cleland Joiners and Builders will be sponsoring the meeting final this weekend as they award a tyre to both the final winner, and the top white or yellow graded driver across the line.

HRP’s own CC Rod formula have been one of the most consistent formula over the last few years, with continually strong numbers and a hugely competitive field of cars. Ian Donaldson and Lee Wotherspoon were the two drivers to beat last year, however, with the likes of Paul Winfield and Andrew Nelson emerging as front runners in the latter part of the season, the race wins slowed down for the top two drivers. Add into the mix former Stock Rod drivers Gary Nicholls and Ian Taylor, this year looks set to be another competitive year for the formula. Scottish Champion Craig Watson will be hoping to keep tabs on those starting ahead of him on the grid as he looks to score a steady haul of points that will keep in in contention for the track championship throughout the season. Emma Kirk, Dylan Coutts, Brandon Gourlay and Lee Scott are all more than capable of taking race wins, and will be looking to show consistency on track this year in their quest for silverware.

The ProStock formula has had some question marks around the future over the last year, with Northern Ireland dropping them from their roster over the closed season. However, there remains a keen optimism for the formula here at Lochgelly, with several new drivers licencing for the 2020 season, alongside those who raced last year. The early booking list isn’t quite as many as we would like, however, having double figures booked in for the first meeting of the season, isn’t a major worry, with the expectation of numbers to rise in the coming weeks and months.

Ensure you join us on Saturday for what should be an entertaining 5 formula line up, with the first race at 1745 for the Ninja Karts white and yellow event.

Spectator gates open at 3pm.

Provisional Running Order

Practice 1600-1700
Race 1 (1745) Ninja Karts Whites / Yellows
Race 2 National Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 3 CC Rods Heat 1
Race 4 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 5 Ninja Karts Heat 1
Race 6 Superstox Heat 1
Race 7 National Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 8 CC Rods Heat 2
Race 9 Ninja Karts Heat 2
Race 10 ProStocks Heat 2
Race 11 Superstox Heat 2
Race 12 National Hot Rods Final
Race 13 Ninja Karts Heat 3
Race 14 CC Rods Final
Race 15 ProStocks Final
Race 16 Superstox Final

Running order subject to change.

A drivers briefing will take place at the bottom of the tunnel at 1720. All drivers required to attend. View Briefing Notes.

Please note, running order subject to change.

Nationals Road To World Qualification

Booking Lists

Ninja Karts
6 Hamish Plenderleith
9 William Plenderleith
27 Kaden Connor
31 James Stewart
45 Dougie Kidd
49 Connie Anderson
66 Neave McGill
74 Aiden Duffy
90 Katie Lee Smart
112 Jack Baird
117 Caelan Grant
136 Shaun Boyle
227 Jack Connor
267 Kal Wotherspoon
297 Lewis Linton
323 Rory Burrell
388 Cold Ford
501 Saul Galloway
529 Mathew McIntyre
562 Keiron Hay
636 Lewis Duffy
696 Bailey Wilson
721 Kenzie Bell
809 Toby Tyson
888 Eevie Ford
901 Candice Smart

26 Evan Clark
34 Campbell Scott
39 Lee Clark
55 Lee Livingston
57 Colin Waddell
65 Steve Grant
119 Aaron Riddell
178 Mark Dews
309 Bryan Forrest
426 Michael Taylor
446 Dean Johnston
611 Adam Low

CC Rods
20 Brian Allen
32 Ian Taylor
39 Vernon Sutherland
69 Graham Campbell
71 Emma Kirk
176 Gary Nicholls
198 Aiden Wiseman
224 Dylan Coutts
232 Andy Nelson
267 Lee Wotherspoon
289 Kyle Hutchison
337 Lee Scott
671 Brandon Gourlay
679 Craig Watson
700 Ian Donaldson
822 Paul Winfield
878 Ian Hotchkies

3 Ryan Martin
38 Stuart Hall
55 Tam Melrose
123 David Russell
133 Lee Kopacz
145 Dougie Kidd
162 Graeme Fleming
297 David Linton
401 Aaron Lithgow
577 Craig Millar
672 Jason McAlpine
710 Robert Welsh

National Hot Rods
17 Robert McDonald
34 John Maver
36 Roy Anderson
71 Gordon Alexander
142 James Mooney
308 Jim Cowie
330 Ross McWilliam
629 John Sibbald
700 Ian Donaldson

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Nationals Road To World Qualification

Admission Costs

Adults: £12
Concessions: £7
12-15yrs: £7
Under 12s GO FREE
Trackside Parking available subject to availability at £5 per car.

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