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Jarman Wins In Memorial Event

Jarman Wins In Memorial Event

Race Results: Saturday 24th February
Jarman Wins In Memorial Event Jarman Wins In Memorial Event Jarman Wins In Memorial Event
1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 67, 126, 668, 357, 42, 808, 315, 715, 610, 411
Heat 2: 42, 410, 126, 715, 808, 357, 668, 638, 188, 610
Final: 715, 357, 668, 67, 42, 126, 411, 22, 188, 808

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 248, 194, 100, 84, 363, 22, 78, 27, 289, 263
Heat 2: 555, 248, 363, 263, 289, 194, 78, 84, 100, 27
Final: 363, 100, 263, 27, 194, 84, 248, 289, 750, 555

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 76, 17, 700, 252, 71, 330, 21, 629, 320
Heat 2: 700, 71, 330, 76, 17, 252, 21, 629, 320
Final: 71, 76, 17, 330, 21, 252, 629

Van Bangers
Shaun Walsh Memorial: 46, 883, 755, 542, 88, 245
Heat 1: 231, 542, 883
Heat 2: 46, 323, 245, 883
DD: 323 / 542

Jarman Wins In Memorial Event
It was great to be back at Lochgelly Raceway, as the 2024 season got underway as the Van Bangers took to the track to entertain the masses with some hard hitting, van destroying race action as they raced in their Shaun Walsh Memorial event. It wasn’t just the vans though, as a further three formula took to the track as well, all providing some brilliant entertainment, and great racing – The U-Pull-It 1300 Stock Cars, Stock Rods and National Hot Rods all joined the Vans in a four formula event.

The U-Pull-It 1300 Stock Cars started off the evening, with 20+ cars taking to the track in the opening heat of the night – a great number so early in the season! There were a number of new or returning drivers taking to the track – Kenneth Scollon 118, Bryce Kempson 424, Jake Wilson 42, Shaz Law 614, Kai McNulty 610, Craig Warner 357 and William Wallace 14. The septept of drivers had mixed evenings, with Kempson and Law having some issues, Kenny Scollon finding his feet with the car, whilst Wallace progressed throughout the evening with a strong debut performance. Wilson, Warner and McNulty were in the mix of the action throughout the night, with each of the three drivers showing the sort of pace that will see them move up the grades fairly quickly. Wilson led the majority of the opening heat of the night, before being reeled in by Craig Haxton in the closing laps. The closing laps seen a fantastic battle as the top 5 drivers raced for the race win. Wilson, Haxton, Danny Whyte, Fraser Clark and Craig Warner were all in contention, with the bumpers being exchanged corner after corner in the closing laps, with the cars at times, coming out of the corner 3 wide. It was anyone’s race at one stage with the hits getting harder as the laps worn on. It was Craig Haxton though, that came out on top, as he crossed the line just ahead of Whyte and Clark, with Wilson dropping back down to fifth having been on the receiving end of a few hits! Heat 2 was equally as exciting, although it was further back the grid where the battles were happening as the star graders struggled to overcome much of the blue graded drivers, with some great battles throughout the race. Up front though, Jake Wilson took the opportunity and opened up a gap to the chasing pack behind and wouldn’t be caught on this occasion. Callum Sturrock was his closest challenger, finishing a few car lengths behind in 2nd place, with Danny Whyte crossing the line in third. The meeting final seen the track temperatures drop, with moisture on the track, resulting in increasingly difficult racing conditions for the drivers as the lap times dropped away. Craig Warner found himself leading the way around the half way stages of the race, but with National Points Champion Kyle Hegg closing in, it was going to be a battle to retain that position. Hegg soon found himself with Warner and soon moved to the front – albeit, with a little resistance as Warner managed to move back in front briefly, before finally losing out to the 715 car. Warner stuck with Hegg though, and finished just a couple of car lengths behind to take a well deserved 2nd place finish. Scottish Champion Fraser Clark completed the top three in the meeting final. Three races, three different winners!

The Stock Rods seen just under 20 cars take to the track in the opening heat of the season – with Craig Tosh being one of several drivers to join the HRP ranks this season. Both Craig Tosh and Fraser Anderson were making their first outings on the Hoosier tyre – the control tyre that was brought into force for the formula during the 2023 season. The Hoosier tyre is taking a number of drivers some time to get used to it, with cold and damp conditions proving to be a challenge. This was evident on Saturday as we seen a number of ‘loose’ cars throughout the night, with a few big drifts as a result! David Crichton had a difficult 2023 season to his standards, and has made a few changes over the winter months with the hope of returning to some good form, and he couldn’t have asked for a better start to the season, taking victory in the opening heat, before narrowly missing out in heat 2 as well. Paul Hughes debuted his new car, and would have left delighted with out it went. A strong performance throughout the night, seen him get his first points of the season on the board in the opening heat with a 6th place finish. John Lee Green inherited 2nd place in the opening heat, with both Armit and Lee McGill docked a couple of places for perceived infringements during the race. Jack MacLeod started the 2024 season off in a similar fashion to how he started 2023, with a win at the opening meeting, as he took victory in the 2nd heat of the night. Jack found himself almost half a lap ahead at one point, before a difficult back marker made life difficult in the closing laps, with MacLeod just hanging on ahead of Crichton in the end. Lee McGill, Sean Naismith and Robbie Armit all look a force to be reckoned with this season, and they’ll all be looking to push for silverware as the season progresses, taking the fight to the seasoned drivers already established within the formula. Lee McGill took a comfortable victory in the meeting final, finishing ahead of Naismith and Dean McGill. Another three races, another three race winners!

The National Hot Rods kicked off their campaign with a few welcome visiting drivers – John Sibbald joined British Champion, Adam Maxwell and European Champion Robert McDonald as visiting entries for the season opener. The trio, will be looking to get some valuable track time ahead of the David Philp Commercials European Championship, here at Lochgelly in April. Darren Scott debuted his new car, though had a few issues throughout the night which he will be hoping to rectify in the coming weeks. Northern Ireland’s Adam Maxwell took the victory in the opening heat of the night, overcoming the Scottish challengers, and finishing ahead of Robert McDonald and Ian Donaldson. Heat 2 seen the Scottish drivers take command of the evening, with Ian Donaldson taking victory ahead of a hard charging Gordon Alexander and Ross McWilliam. The meeting final seen Gordon Alexander find his way to the front early stages, with Donaldson missing from the starting grid after an incident during the installation laps. Adam Maxwell soon closed in on Alexander, and the two battled for the lead in the latter stages of the race – with the gap opening and closing with varying laps. Alexander took the win ahead of Maxwell, with Robert McDonald finishing in third.

The Van Bangers completed the line up, with around 12 vans putting on a great display of action throughout the night. Local driver Lee Clarke turned up in an old campervan which was hanging onto the chassis by the rust! During the opening race, the Walsh Memorial, this didn’t last long and quickly became dislodged through some assistance from Grant Barker. Englishman, Kieran Tweed made the trip north to join us, and didn’t have too much luck on the night, in his first van banger appearance, though, did manage to take away a 2nd place in the final race of the night, and tied in the DD – so the night improved as it progressed for him. Barry Jarman was in excellent form on the night, raising money for CashForKids in the process. Jarman took the victory in the Shaun Walsh Memorial – ahead of Chris Thomson and Paul Barron. Jarman went onto take the win in heat 2 as well, whilst Barker took the win in the other heat. Paul Barron and Zak Murdoch put on an entertaining show throughout the evening, with the pair trading blows on a number of occasions. Richard Cairns tied in the DD with the aforementioned Kieran Tweed as the night was brought to a close.

Please note, there were issues with the MyLaps timing software throughout the night evening, so lap times may not be available for all drivers on speed hive.
Jarman Wins In Memorial Event
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