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Latest Results

Saturday 25th May

Race Report 25th May

Added by kevin_mcqueen on Monday 27th May
Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 132, 16, 529, 666, 722, 63, 13
Heat 1: 9, 7, 16, 270, 68, 55, 90, 658, 147, 63
Heat 2: 7, 339, 55, 9, 658, 135, 16, 90, 147, 132
Final: 7, 339, 270, 55 (-2), 9, 90, 135, 147, 16, 658

CC Rods
Heat 1: 81, 195, 170, 11, 171, 20, 76
Heat 2: 20, 171, 703, 195, 11, 76, 170
Final: 195, 20, 170, 703, 11, 76

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 750, 183, 412, 194, 338, 248, 100, 267, 289, 261
Heat 2: 412, 183, 194 (-2), 248, 289, 750, 84, 338, 100, 555
Final: 25, 248, 289, 194, 183, 412, 84, 261, 123

Micro Bangers
Heat 1: 55, 74, 687, 24, 231, 69, 126, 196, 13
Heat 2: 55, 180, 231, 687, 196
Final: 24, 308, 13, 126, 196, 309
DD: 13
Ent: 308
Best Presented: 231
Top Point Scorer: 13 Chris Watson

An entertaining night of racing on Saturday night at Lochgelly Raceway seen the National Micro Bangers look to take the plaudits with plenty of action throughout the night, with big hits, spins, follow-ins and all round great action.

The evening started off with a moment of reflection following the sudden loss of Northern Irish youngster Jack Morrow who passed away on Saturday morning much to the shock of the stock car community.

The Ninja Karts were the first race of the night as the whites and yellows took to the track for some valuable track experience. Blair Innes has become a bit of a pro when it comes to the Whites and Yellows race, having picked a few race wins in this race during his Ninja Kart career – Mathew McIntyre led the way early on in what is his final Ninja Kart appearance, before he got into a good race with Innes, with Innes battling over several laps to make a move on the 529 kart of McIntyre. Innes would be able to move through into the lead though. A race caution following a coming together between a few karts, with Riley Stagg spinning around and being collected by the oncoming Christopher Lattka and Ryan Love, with Lattka finding himself squeezed against the armco and up onto 2 wheels. Following on from the caution, Innes got away well and took the win ahead of Jamie Balfour, who crossed the line just ahead of McIntyre with Alfie MacLeod next across the line. It was good to see Jayden McKie and Alix Martin both make their race debuts, whilst Ryan Love looked to have found some confidence on track too. Heat 1 would see all karts take to the track, with the blues and reds joining the whites and yellows that had already been out. Jayden Jeffrey took a well deserved race win following a run of quite bad luck. Jeffrey didn’t get it easy though, with Rory Wilson putting him under sustained pressure for 5 or 6 laps, as the karts raced side by side and in and out of back markers. The lead 2 though displayed some brilliant driving, with it looking like Wilson had the edge at one stage, but Jeffrey managed to hang on and move back ahead of Wilson on the closing lap, with Wilson having to settle for 2nd place. Further back the field, there were some brilliant racing going on, with Jamie Balfour finishing in 3rd place. Heat 2 of the evening seen another superb race from the youngsters, interrupted by one yellow flag though. A few karts found themselves spun on the exit of turn 2, with most able to get away quickly – however, the Alfie McLeod kart had cut out and he was unable to rejoin and was stranded across the track as the yellow flags were called. As the race got underway, the star graded drivers made inroads and soon found themselves battling for the lead places. Rory Wilson had moved ahead of the pack, and found himself opening up a gap to the chasing pack behind as he went on to claim the victory. Behind him though, Henry Hunn and Tommy Melrose both had an excellent race with little between the two throughout, with Melrose closing the gap in the latter laps as Hunn got caught in some traffic. Hunn held on for 2nd place though, finishing only 2 tenths of a second ahead of Melrose. As the karts came out on track for the meeting final, a brief shower came down dampening the track and resulting in some greasy conditions. Early on, a number of karts found themselves spinning around and quickly recovering without any stoppages required. Rayah Burns, Louie Hendry and Jayden Jeffrey were just a few of the drivers to fall foul to the conditions, but all three put in some fantastic drives as they took away some good points – Jeffrey found himself spinning twice during the race, one after a coming together with Melrose resulting in a quick 360 and not losing much time, and once more, a little later as he lost it himself, dropping him back a couple of places, though did still manage a great fifth position finish. Up front, Rory Wilson drove impeccably as he took his second win of the evening, as he closes the gap at the top of the National Points Charts to within striking distance. English based drivers Henry Hunn and Harley Flegg took 2nd and 3rd positions, with Melrose being penalized for his contact on Jeffrey dropping him down to fourth place upon review.

The CC Rods were with us for the 2nd week in succession, with a few drivers unable to attend, it was an opportunity for a few others to step up and look to come away with some hard earned points. Heat 1 seen newcomer, Baillie Glencross make the best possible start to the night as she stormed away at the start and went on to take a commanding race victory, with Gorman and Christie finishing in 2nd and 3rd unable to put any pressure on the Glencross car. Heat 2, it didn’t quite go the same way though, as Baillie found herself colliding with the 369 car of Graham Pow who had previously just had a coming together with John Gorman. A caution was called for with Glencross and Pow stricken on track. Brian Allen continued to show the good pace he had last week, as he took victory in heat 2 ahead of Kevin Hutchison and Craig Mason. The meeting final seen a few cars missing following the damage in heat 2. This gave John Gorman the perfect opportunity to race away early on, and go on to take victory, as Brian Allen, Ian Christie and Craig Mason battled behind.

The Stock Rod formula has provided some fantastic racing here at Lochgelly Raceway over the last year or so, with very little between much of the drivers allowing for some excellent competitive racing. Saturday night was no different with 3 different race winners once more. Raymond Brown has found form once more after a challenging few meetings where he has struggled, and he’ll be delighted to have came away with a victory in the opening heat on Saturday night. Raymond followed this up with a 6th place finish in heat 2, and a retirement in the meeting final. Teri Linden started off her career in the stock rods excellent late in 2023, but a run of bad luck seen her form dip away, however, Teri was back to her best on Saturday night and was arguably one of the drivers of the meeting, coming away with 2 second place finishes in the heats, and a 5th place finish in the meeting final. Fraser Anderson looks to have got to grips with the stock rod formula after a mixed season so far. Anderson took away a P3 in the opening heat, where he followed this up in heat 2 with a victory. It was a hard fought victory though, as he had a train of cars in close contention not far behind him, led by Teri Linden. The heats were dominated by the lower graded drivers, with only Kyle Hutchison being able to break into the top 5 from the blue or red graded drivers. The final was a different affair though, as National Points Champion Siobhan Martin put in a sterling drive to claim the victory, despite finishing outside the top 10 in each of the two heats. This haul of points, with Gary Dean missing, moves her 50 points clear, and now in an uncatchable position as she once more is set to be the HRP National Points Champion. David Crichton and John Lee Green, both had excellent race meetings throughout the night, with Cricthon looking back to his best and in the form that seen him be a mainstay within the blue and red grades for the best part of the last 5 seasons, with the last 12 months perhaps being the most challenging of his stock rod career to date. 2nd place in the meeting final was a well deserved result for Crichton for his perseverance to get the car back on form. Kyle Hutchison completed the top 3, with John Lee Green finishing in fourth place just behind.

The National Micro Bangers raced for the first time in 2024 here at Lochgelly Raceway, with it being round 1 of the Micro Banger World Cup Qualifying Series, where drivers look to stake a claim for a place on the Fife Medical Group World Cup come October. A decent entry of cars took to the track and set about putting in an entertaining performance from the outset. Heat 1 seen a few drivers get stuck in, with Keiran Tweed putting in a big hit mid-way through the race, ending his evening in the process however with some terminal damage to his car. Jamie Sangster was in the mood too, as he set about spinning multiple cars out as he made his way through the grid. Joss Proctor also put in a few hits throughout the race, whilst taking a few along the way. Tam Melrose raced his way to the front as he took the win ahead of Jamie Sangster and James Slater. Heat 2 was another lively affair from the Micro Bangers, with numerous drivers all getting stuck in, and putting in some epic hits, follow ins and entertaining racing. Sangster once more was moving his way through the pack, getting stuck in, before he found himself stuck onto another car and unable to move free, before being picked up himself in the process. Dylan Skyes, Grant Barker, Chris Watson and Joss Proctor all got stuck in, with only a handful of cars completing race distance. Melrose once more took the win, with 2023 World Cup Winner, Sean McConnachie finishing 2nd and Grant Barker in 3rd. The meeting final once more seen some more big hits go in. Lee Clarke and Grant Barker getting stuck in, whilst McConnachie was in the middle of the action too. Proctor, Barker and a few others put in numerous hits throughout the race, with Joss and Jake Proctor, Dylan Skyes and Chris Watson all actively participating in the DD with some big hits, head on attempts and killing each others cars. Fraser Combe joined in later, whilst Dale McCardle plodded round in his first banger event as well. The Micro Bangers are back with us at Lochgelly Raceway on the 29th June, in round 2 of their series, in an event which will also see a DD Champion crowned – with an additional wildcard spot available in the World Cup for the overall winner.

This weekend is a 2 day special event at Lochgelly, with 2 British Championship’s being raced for, in addition to a few Scottish Open Championship events. The A1 Containers R Us Superstox British Championship takes place on the Saturday night, whilst the 2.0 Hot Rods British Championship takes place on the Sunday afternoon. Full event information is available at www.hardieracepromotions.co.uk.

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Saturday 18th May

Plenderleith In Ministox Success

Added by kevin_mcqueen on Monday 20th May
Heat 1: 45, 136, 6, 78, 145, 7, 339, 51, 27, 651
Heat 2: 45, 136, 6, 7, 145, 51, 339, 78, 480, 388
HRP Marshals Shield: 6, 7, 145, 339, 480, 136, 484, 78, 629, 27

CC Rods
Heat 1: 76, 703, 6, 170, 337, 953, 195, 20, 11
Heat 2: 195, 6, 170, 337, 703, 953, 20, 11, 76
Final: 6, 170, 337, 195, 953, 20, 11, 76

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 245, 313, 227, 900, 307, 133, 9, 576, 49, 5
Heat 2: 313, 900, 245, 307, 74, 9, 133, 5, 49, 227
Final: 313, 307, 245, 900, 227, 5, 49, 9, 133, 74

Heat 1: 453, 319, 446, 555, 219, 824, 34, 99, 28
Heat 2: 446, 319, 453, 128, 34, 219, 99, 028
Final: 446, 453, 319, 128, 34, 99, 028

1600 Rookie Bangers
Heat 1: 31, 323, 227, 22, 60, 231
Heat 2: 323, 60, 227, 27, 999, 31
Final: 31, 60, 323, 227, 27, 22
Ent: 231

It was a fast paced night of action on Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway, with five formula taking to the track. With hot spells throughout the day, the track conditions were perfect for racing. The ORCi Ministox raced for their HRP Marshals Shield, whilst the Junior Productions raced for a tyre courtesy of WUL Enterprises. The CC Rods, Superstox and Rookie Bangers all also featured.

The youngsters have consistently proven themselves to be entertaining and excellent value for money, and yet again, Saturday was no exception, with both the Ministox and Junior Productions providing thrilling racing.

The Rookie Banger continue to race for the opportunity to qualify for the World Final at Ipswich in November, and with only limited spaces available, the drivers have to be on form at each event, whilst racing tactically to try and cut back points that their competitors will be scoring – Ryan Martin was in excellent form on Saturday, as he took a heat and final double, whilst Keiran Tweed, Gavin Taylor, Dan Croskell and Daniel McMullan all exchanged blows throughout the evening as they looked to outscore each other. Douglas McConnachie, Grant Barker, Dayle Linton and Richard Cairns were all in the thick of the action, with some big hits going in throughout the night. Barker and Cairns both struggled to keep their wheels on the cars, with both drivers shedding them on more than one occasion throughout the night! Barker entertained in his never say die attitude much to the delight of the crowd, he continued to get stuck in and trying to get his car back out on track for more on each occasion. Keiran Tweed took a race win in the 2nd heat – a reward for his travelling efforts from his Suffolk base.

The Ministox provided excellent racing throughout the night, with the drivers wasting no time in getting stuck behind each other – with bumpers used to good effect, and in a timely manner. The lower graded drivers proved to be in dominant form, with several drivers proving very difficult to both catch and overcome. Finlay Gemmell made his first outing at Lochgelly in some time, and looked to show good pace throughout the night, taking away some good results for his efforts. Dougie Kidd, who was in excellent form last time here at Lochgelly, continued that on Saturday, as he raced to victory in both the heats. Shaun Boyle has mustered up a lot of confidence of late, and that is showing in his racing, with great results coming his way for his efforts. Boyle finished in 2nd in both heats behind Dougie Kidd, although, wasn’t far away from catching the flying white graded driver in both races. Nicole Allardyce has came on leaps and bounds over the last 12 months or so, and is now a regular point scoring driver, and becoming more and more difficult to overtake. Heat 1 on Saturday seen Nicole score an excellent 4th place finish. The current crop of blue graded drivers have fast become some of the quickest drivers on track, with the likes of Rachel Kidd and Hamish Plenderleith proving to be more than a match for the current red graded drivers. Plenderleith in particular has started the 2024 season off in style, taking a win in the Keir Millar Memorial event last weekend, and followed that up with victory on Saturday night, as he took victory in the HRP Marshals Shield race. Once Plenderleith moved to the front, it never really looked like he would be caught, with only Charlie Hardie making any sort of inroads into his lead. Plenderleith did get slowed down with some back markers, allowing Hardie to close the gap somewhat, whilst Hardie himself took no chances with lapped cars as he quickly moved them out of the way by whatever means necessary. As the laps wound on, the gap was coming down, but it was never close enough for Hardie to make any form of last lap lunge to go for a win, with Plenderleith taking the flag ahead of Hardie and Rachel Kidd. On Sunday, a number of our drivers were on the road as they travelled to Buxton to participate in the English Open Championship. We are pleased to confirm that it was an HRP 1-2 across the line, with Hardie taking victory ahead of David Philp. Congratulations to both drivers on an excellent result.

The CC Rods were with us for the first of 2 successive race meetings in an event that seen both Baillie Glencross and Brian Allen make their first outings of the season. Glencross struggled throughout the night with the car, and got caught up in once race, resulting in 3 DNF’s on her debut. Baillie did show good pace though when on track, and with a little more track time and car issues rectified, she could take some catching from the white grade in the meetings to come. Heat 1 seen Natalie Mason race her way to the front of the pack, overcoming a number of drivers to get there, then racing for dear life as she did her utmost to keep the pack behind her throughout the race. Craig Mason pressurized for much of the way with a number of others closing in as the race wore on, however, Natalie would keep her wits about her and claim her first ever victory in the formula, much to her delight. John Gorman took victory in heat 2, before Gregor Whyte raced to a commanding victory in the meeting final. The CC Rods are back with us this Saturday, with Kevin Hutchison hoping to be back in action having had to miss out due to attending a party at the weekend!

The Superstox competed for the final time ahead of their A1 Containers R Us British Championship on the 1st and 2nd June here at Lochgelly, and it was the final opportunity for a number of drivers to dial in their cars for that event. Both Kenny McKenzie and Dean Johnston were on the pace, with both drivers recoding 14.0 second laps during the evening. Kenny McKenzie claimed the victory in heat 1, before Johnston went onto claim victory in heat 2 and the meeting final. Benjamin Erskine is growing in confidence with each passing meeting, and becoming harder and harder to catch for the star drivers, with regular top 5 finishes now the norm for the 319 pilot. Scottish Champion Ciaran Adams had a meeting to forget as he was plagued with issues throughout the evening, recording a DNF in heat 1, before finishing the meeting final with a puncture.

The Junior Productions were the final formula in action, with one of the best meetings of the season for the formula to date taking place. There was lots of fast, close and hard fought racing in each of the three races for the youngsters. The lower graded drivers, once more, dominated proceedings with the results, with Jayden Barrie taking victory in heat 1, before Callum Ritchie went on to claim a heat and final double. Kaitlyn Smart made her first outing of the season, and didn’t look out of place, as she battled stubbornly to some good results on the night. Kenzie Kopacz continues to grow in stature in the formula, with great pace throughout the evening, and a little unfortunate not to come away with a top 3 in at least one race. Liam Loggie, Lewis Dickson and William Plenderleith all had their work cut out on the night, as overcoming some of the field was difficult at times, with lots of the drivers getting quicker with each passing meeting. This has resulted in the racing becoming very competitive, and drivers simply trying to maximise their points haul, with race wins difficult to achieve.

We are back in action this Saturday at Lochgelly, with the Micro Bangers, Stock Rods, CC Rods and Ninja Karts taking to the track, with a 6pm start time.

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Saturday 11th May

McMills in Hot Rod Success

Added by kevin_mcqueen on Monday 13th May
National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 330, 21, 320, 58, 71, 196, 156, 252
Heat 2: 21, 330, 58, 320, 71, 196, 252, 156
Final: 756, 320, 330, 71, 196, 58, 156

Heat 1: 162, 170, 76, 271, 213, 755, 145, 31, 214, 304
Heat 2: 162, 170, 76, 271, 145, 213, 805, 133, 760, 694
Final: 755, 170, 31, 271, 304, 76, 213, 805, 760, 145

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 196, 82, 755, 538, 67, 935, 703
Heat 2: 538, 196, 82, 755, 935, 703
Final: 538, 82, 196, 935, 755, 703

U Pull It 1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 176, 835, 188, 710, 67, 638, 42, 668, 411, 117
Heat 2: 67, 835, 113, 36, 610, 411, 188, 638, 176, 668
Heat 3: 835, 42, 117, 710, 188, 67, 113, 668, 411, 36

It was a night with plenty of on track action on Saturday night, with some great racing from both the contact and non-contact classes.
The U-Pull-It 1300 Stock Cars were in sensational form, as they provided non-stop action throughout the night, with hard hitting, fast paced on track action. Martin McCaffery and Kai McNulty had both spent a bit of time on their cars since their last outings, with both now being fully sign-written and looking excellent. Martin McCaffery, who sat out most of the 2023 season, didn’t take long to get into the swing of things with his new car, as he raced excellently throughout the night, and was perhaps a tad unlucky not to get a race win for his efforts. The 710 pilot found himself leading the way in one of the races, before being caught up, and collecting a spun car, causing a little bit of damage to the car, hampering his progress as a result. Former Scottish Champion, Blair Robertson had one of his best outings for quite some time, as he finally returned to form, picking up a couple of runners up spots, before going one better in the final, with a first race win of the season. Throughout the night, we seen racing with 3-4 cars wide on various occasions with little room for error by anyone – this kept everyone on edge as the U Pull It 1300 Stock Cars proved once more, why they are seen as one of the most entertaining formula in the UK. The meeting final seen Charlie Folan and Kai McNulty lock horns during the race, with McNulty taking it to Folan mid-way through the race, with Folan finding himself pointing the wrong way, but keen to get back on track to try and get some repercussion – however, this wasn’t to be, and we may need to wait til these 2 are back on track together to see what comes next. Gary Nicholls and Craig Haxton took the race wins in the heats, with Robertson taking the win in the final. Jake Wilson and David Farrell completed the top 3 in the meeting final.
The National Hot Rods competed in their 11th qualifying round of the campaign, with just 1 more round to go, and qualification still open for the World Championship at Ipswich in July. Gordon Alexander was out in the borrowed Scott Devine car, having run into some issues with his own car at Ipswich earlier in the week. Alexander found the car difficult to get used to, but appeared to get quicker as the night went on in the Devine Ginetta. Joey Palmer and Kevin Gooding both made the trip north to be with us at Lochgelly, with Palmer coming away with some good results for his efforts, whilst Gooding grew in pace throughout the night. It was good to welcome Marc Spence and Alex Wilson back in to the formula, with both drivers missing out the last few meetings. Marc Spence looked set to take victory in the opening heat having opened up a good lead early on, before an issue with the car forced him into retirement, with Ross McWilliam taking over the lead of the race. Spence didn’t make heat 2 neither, however, had the issued rectified in time for the meeting final – which he managed to go on and win quite convincingly. Ethan Doull put in another steady performance, with more good results for his efforts including a race win in the 2nd heat, although a DNF in the meeting final will have left him leaving a little disappointed. Darren Scott has seen his form continue to impress following his switch of chassis over the winter months, with Scott steadily moving up the rankings, and scoring some good points along the way – The 320 pilot took another podium finish in the meeting final, coming away with 2nd place behind Spence, and holding off fellow northerner, Ross McWilliam just behind.
The ProStocks seen 19 cars booked to race, with the majority of them turning up and putting in yet another entertaining night of racing. Graeme Fleming, who hasn’t had the best of starts to the 2024 campaign, looked back to his best, as he stormed to convincing victories in each of the 2 heats, which seen him return to the blue grade for the meeting final. However, he wouldn’t go on to take the hat-trick, with a DNF putting an end to any hopes of 3 out of 3. One driver that did manage to complete a hat trick of sorts though, was Ian Christie – the formed World Cup winner took 3x 2nd place finished on the night, proving to be the bridesmaid in each of the races! Paul Barron currently leads the national points, however, he has found points a bit tougher to come by of late, with a number of drivers picking up form, combined with Barron getting caught up in incidents. A coming together between Becki Ritchie and Paul Barron in heat 2 seen the 755 car spin around and end up with a puncture, forcing it into retirement. A lively meeting final seen a few incidents, with the biggest coming mid-way through the race, with a four car train going into turn 3, Barron pushing from behind, with Lewis Gilchrist, Becki Ritchie and Hollie Ritchie all directly in front. As the bumpers locked, the two Ritchie cars made contact, with Hollie spinning around, and Becki clattering into the wall, with Gilchrist finding himself with a damaged radiator, whilst Barron made the move up the inside of the 3. Jamie George has had a great start to the year, and continues to fly under the radar, picking up good points at each event, with 3x fourth place finishes going his way on Saturday night. Barron would take the win in the meeting final, ahead of Christie and Ryan Martin.
The 2.0 Hot Rods seen a couple of drivers drop out pre-meeting – Mark Dews blowing up in practice, whilst Keiron Johnson also ran into issues in practice – both cars ending up retired for the night, before the racing even got underway. Chevy Mills and Nathen Maidment both made the trip north to be with us – Chevy is becoming a bit of a regular, and may need to change his name to McMills in the near future! Maidment made only his 2nd appearance in the 2.0 Hot Rod, and his first at Lochgelly. Maidment got to grips with the track throughout the night, and looked quicker with each passing race. Allan Gibson took the victory in heat 1, with Chevy Mills going on to take a heat and final double thereafter. Frankie Cunningham had an evening to forget, as he had issues throughout the night as he struggled in both heat 1 and heat 2, retiring in heat 2, before loading the car up and missing the meeting final.
We are back in action this Saturday, 18th May, with the Rookie Bangers, Ministox HRP Marshals Shield, CC Rods, Superstox and Junior Productions all in action, with a 5.45pm start time.

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Saturday 4th May

Saturday 4th May Results

Added by kevin_mcqueen on Monday 6th May
Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1: 162, 245, 523, 12
Heat 2: 245, 162, 523, 631, 12
Final: 245, 162, 523, 631

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 100, 263, 363, 248, 27, 78, 289, 700, 555, 11
Heat 2: 127, 100, 248, 183, 22, 555, 363, 289, 25, 27
Final: 100, 27, 363, 263, 84, 183, 555, 25, 11, 248
Final results amended upon review.

Heat 1: 611, 446, 453, 128, 319, 555, 99, 028, 824, 34
Heat 2: 446, 453, 319, 611, 128, 555, 34, 99, 028, 824
Final: 446, 453, 319, 611, 128, 555, 028, 34, 824, 99

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 167, 313, 307, 227, 9, 156, 49, 5, 133, 321
Heat 2: 167, 245, 227, 9, 307, 133, 232, 49, 5, 576
Heat 3: 9, 227, 49, 5, 133, 321, 576, 61, 156

Heat 1: 6, 136, 475, 78, 145, 20, 29, 7, 306, 88
Heat 2: 475, 6, 7, 29, 306, 629, 145, 480, 621, 651
Final: 45, 29, 6, 145, 7, 621, 20, 475, 88, 136

Saturday 4th May seen five formula take to the track at Lochgelly Raceway – each providing some great racing throughout the evening.
The Superstox seen the bumpers go in hard throughout the night, with some big hits in each of the races – Adam Low, Dean Johnston, Kenny McKenzie amongst others were all giving it large! Adam Low continued his good form in the opening heat of the night, with another win, by quite some margin to the pack behind him. Adam seemed to struggle with handling thereafter though, with places hard to come by in the remaining races as his car appeared to be understeering during heat 2 and the meeting final. Dean Johnston was back with us after missing out last time having participated in the London Marathon. Dean was back to winning ways in heat 2, with a victory after holding off Kenny McKenzie in the closing stages of the race. The meeting final was a similar result, with Kenny McKenzie keeping Dean honest throughout the race, with little between the two drivers. There were some great racing from the lower graded drivers too – with Benjamin Erskine looking to have found confidence in the car, and led each of the races throughout the night, and only lost out in the closing laps in the final.
The Junior Productions were missing a few cars from what we have become accustomed to, though, with around 15 cars on track, it was still enough to provide some great racing from the youngsters with very little in the way of incidents. The lower graded drivers were in great form – with Liam Conway taking not only his first win in the formula, but his second as well, as he raced to victory in each of the 2 heats that pushed him up to a yellow grade for the meeting final. Jayden Barrie and Callum Ritchie both also put in some excellent performances, with both drivers coming away with a 2nd place finish on the night. Mia Cross is another newcomer this year, who is getting quicker with each passing meeting, and despite a few knocks, it hasn’t phased her as she continues to develop in the formula. Liam Loggie was one of the top performing drivers on the night, scoring well in all three races, and was unfortunate not to come away with a win in the meeting final, narrowly missing out after a close race with William Plenderleith. Plenderleith himself took away some good results on the night, improving with each race on the night, cumulating with the win in the final.
The Ministox seen 20+ cars take to the track, including a few English based drivers. Hamish Plenderleith made his first Lochgelly outing of the year having missed out in the early stages of the season, but it looked like he hadn’t been away, as he stormed to an excellent race win the opening heat, before taking a 2nd and 3rd place in the following races as well to round off an excellent night for the youngster. Mason Sealy looked like a regular at Lochgelly, with composed driving throughout, taking a well deserved win in heat 2 for his efforts. Dougie Kidd took the win in the meeting final, but was perhaps a tad unfortunate not to get a few more good results, as he was quick in each of the 3 race on the night. Shaun Boyle has been one of the most improved drivers of the season so far, and that trend continued on Saturday, with another good performance – most notably in the opening heat where he raced to a 2nd place finish, and set one of the quickest laps of the night in the process.
The Classic Hot Rods always put on a show, and offer a glimpse into the past with the retro style cars. Escorts, Imps, Anglias etc are not un-common in the class, and it was a night where the Escort’s came out on top – Keith Chesher taking a win in the opening heat, before Zak Murdoch took victory in heat 2 and the final, following some excellent racing with Keith Chesher in the process.
The Stock Rods were the final formula in attendance on Saturday, with just under 20 cars taking to the track. Sean Naismith returned to form after a steady start to the 2024 season, as he took a heat and final double which will swiftly move him back up to red grade. Lennon Grant started the evening from white grade for the first time, and duly took a race win in heat 2 – although, that would be the end of his evening as his car went up in smoke just after crossing the finishing line. The non-contact class provided some very close racing throughout the night, with drivers fighting extremely hard for every position as they look to make every point matter!
We are back in action at Lochgelly this Saturday, with the U Pull It 1300 Stock Cars, National Hot Rods, ProStocks and 2.0 Hot Rods in action.

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Saturday 27th April

27th April Results

Added by Kevin on Thursday 2nd May
U Pull It 1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 22, 188, 997, 38, 411, 638, 42, 668, 176, 888
Heat 2: 188, 166, 835, 38, 176, 42, 36, 167, 668, 111
Final: 997, 98, 188, 835, 668, 357, 166, 411, 638, 22

CC Rods
Heat 1: 171, 703, 953, 337, 170, 76, 195, 91, 06
Heat 2: 953, 171, 170, 91, 06, 703, 76, 11, 195
Final: 171, 703, 170, 06, 337, 196, 953, 11, 76

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 330, 71, 320, 252, 700
Heat 2: 21, 71, 320, 330, 252, 700
Final: 71, 330, 320, 252

Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 441, 68, 16, 132, 529, 296, 359, 63
Heat 1: 7, 13, 196, 441, 176, 135, 147, 518, 16, 68
Heat 2: 7, 196, 441, 176, 339, 13, 90, 135, 16, 147
Final: 339, 7, 176, 441, 196, 13, 135, 90, 77, 147
Extra: 7, 196, 176, 13, 339, 9, 135, 90, 147, 68

Almost 30 U Pull It 1300 Stock Cars took to the track as the formula provided excellent racing throughout the evening. Three different winners, and the star graded drivers found it difficult to get to the front! Steven Gold and Jamie Stewart took the wins in the heats, whilst. Northern Ireland’s Matthew Millikan took victory in the meeting final.

The National Hot Rods seen wins go the way of Ross McWillam and Ethan Doull in the heats, before Gordon Alexander took the win in the final.

The CC Rods seen Garry Roberts make his first outing of the season as he took his car to victory in heat 2. Kevin Hutchison took victory in heat 1 and the final .

The Ninja Karts were in good form, with around 20 karts in action, including a few English based visitors. Charlie Major took the win in the whites and yellows race. Rory Wilson took victory in a heat, final and an extra race to complete a hat trick, whilst Henry Hunn also took a victory in a heat as well.

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25/05/24 - Race Report 25th May
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30/03/24 - Philp Takes 3 In Ministox
23/03/24 - English Dominate In Ninja Season Debut
16/03/24 - Wilson at the Double
09/03/24 - Clark Takes Final Win in 1300 Stock Cars
02/03/24 - Hat Trick For Deano In Wet Conditions
24/02/24 - Jarman Wins In Memorial Event
11/11/23 - Brant Wins Memorial In Excellent Night of Racing
04/11/23 - Barron Takes Van Scottish
27/10/23 - Stewart In Form To Win Mr Gunn Event
21/10/23 - Chalmers In Autism Awareness Victory
14/10/23 - McConnachie and Hardie Take The Titles
07/10/23 - Adams and Dean Claim Scottish Titles
30/09/23 - Rae Wins the McNicoll Memorial
23/09/23 - Smith Takes Banger Wildcard
16/09/23 - Brown Retains Scottish
09/09/23 - Cunningham Claims CCR Scottish
02/09/23 - Clark Wins 1300 Scottish
26/08/23 - World Titles go to Northern Ireland
19/08/23 - Wright Retains The Saltire
12/08/23 - Shevill Claims Ninja Scottish
05/08/23 - Quinn Retains The Scottish
29/07/23 - 29th July Results
22/07/23 - Green claims the Masters
15/07/23 - Murray Takes The British
24/06/23 - Unlimiteds Pull The Crowd
16/06/23 - Friday 16th June
10/06/23 - Livingston at the Treble
03/06/23 - 1300s Shine in Euro Championship
27/05/23 - Saturday 27th May Results
20/05/23 - Carberry On Top of the World
12/05/23 - Clark at the Treble
06/05/23 - Henry at the double in chaotic 1300 stock cars
29/04/23 - 29th April
22/04/23 - McDonald In European Glory
15/04/23 - Ritchie Takes Hat Trick In Ministox
08/04/23 - Results 8th April
01/04/23 - Bell Dominates On Final Meeting
25/03/23 - Buchan Takes Hat-Trick In Classical Style
17/03/23 - Stav Dominates In Wet Conditions
11/03/23 - Alexander makes it 2 out of 2 in 2023
04/03/23 - Cunningham takes a hat-trick
25/02/23 - Murdoch Claims Walsh Memorial
30/12/22 - Wet and Wild Night
12/11/22 - Hegg Claims Freck Memorial
05/11/22 - Vans Delight In Destruction Derby
28/10/22 - Hegg Retains Gunn Trophy
22/10/22 - 22nd Oct Results
15/10/22 - Gurney Rocks The World
08/10/22 - Brown Takes Hot Rod Scottish
01/10/22 - Ina Retains ProStock World
24/09/22 - Kidd Takes Glory
17/09/22 - New Scottish Champions Crowned
10/09/22 - Forrest Retains The Masters
03/09/22 - Robertson takes epic Scottish
27/08/22 - Johnston Takes the Saltire
20/08/22 - Adams takes Gibson Memorial
12/08/22 - An Eventful Friday Evening
06/08/22 - Korben Takes 1600 Banger Scottish
30/07/22 - Rochford takes glory in World Final
23/07/22 - Wet and Wild at Lochgelly Raceway
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26/03/22 - New Winners In Juniors
19/03/22 - Smart Hat Trick
12/03/22 - Drama in 1300 Final - 12th March
05/03/22 - 5th March Results
26/02/22 - Thomson Wins Walsh Memorial
13/11/21 - Gilmour Takes Freck Memorial
06/11/21 - Huge Crowd Wowed By Van Bangers
29/10/21 - English Run Riot In Ministox
23/10/21 - Riddell Takes The Scottish
16/10/21 - Connor Steals The Show in Ninja Karts
09/10/21 - Byram Takes The Glory In World Cup Chaos
02/10/21 - Ninja Shine On Drab Night
25/09/21 - Walle and Christie Take The Honours
10/09/21 - Rae on the double as he returns to action
04/09/21 - Pearce Retains Gold In The Race Of The Decade
28/08/21 - McAlpine Scoops Scottish
21/08/21 - Bomber Wins Memorial
14/08/21 - Hegg Dominates As He Claims Scottish Title
07/08/21 - Frame Returns To Win Memorial Event
30/07/21 - Friday Night Results
24/07/21 - Kingsnorth at the Double
17/07/21 - McWillam Scoops Hat Trick
25/06/21 - Bangers Friday Night Delight
19/06/21 - Dillon Wins Shaun Walsh Memorial
12/06/21 - Tyson takes dramatic Ninja Euro
05/06/21 - Titles Goto Northern Ireland
29/05/21 - May Ends With A Bang
22/05/21 - Murray Takes Nationals Euro
15/05/21 - Ballantine Runs Out Of Luck 15th May 2021
08/05/21 - Pitcaithly Takes Stock Rod Final
01/05/21 - Saturday 1st May Results
07/11/20 - Sangster Dominates In Van Scottish
31/10/20 - Gourlay Takes CC Scottish With Touching Tribute
24/10/20 - Clark Takes The Gunn Trophy
17/10/20 - Mackie takes Hot Rod Scottish
10/10/20 - Reynolds Takes The Gold
03/10/20 - Rapid Racing at Lochgelly
26/09/20 - McConnachie Takes The Scottish
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07/08/20 - Burgoyne Takes The Final As Minis Shine
01/08/20 - Kopacz at the double
25/07/20 - Back with a Thud!
14/03/20 - Ford At The Double In 1300 Stock Cars
07/03/20 - Hat Trick of Hat Tricks - 7th March 2020
29/02/20 - 2020 Season Opener
09/11/19 - Van Bangers Delight The Crowd at Season Finale

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